Attendees : Ranga, Mohit, Arun, Soumya, Sneha

Khushboo Welfare Society proposal with Q&A - Ranga

  1. Went over various questions regarding funding, budget and future plans without funding from asha.
  2. Part time therapists are fulltime now because good response from kids.
  3. Students in various programs
    blessings - 68 samarth - 19 sparsh - 7
  4. Expectations for asha is to support part of operational budget. will provide one time funding and will evaluate next 3 year funding.
  5. All the infrastructure is taken care of.
  6. ~13 lakhs lower funding because of delhi marathon and ~13 lesser funding because of bank interests went down.
  7. No funding commitments yet from any of the previous resources.
  8. Might get crowd funding from Give India and CAF.
  9. Salary increased from ~64 to ~74 lakhs because of 10% increase in all employee salaries and adding full time therapist , executive director and head of resource mobilization.
  10. Difficult to predict corpus fund
  11. Yes, KWS used Corporate social responsibility(CSR) funding for operational expenses for 2015-16. GIve india, charity Aid foundation and Airtel fall under CSR.
  12. Companies backed off from half marathon because of poor response.
  13. Will utilize excess funds from 2015-16 for 2016-17
  14. Depreciation cover is depreciation for assets. This is a standard practice used in accounting.
  15. Depreciation + excess funding ~15 lakhs
  16. 10 classrooms, 8 special educators, 6 teaching assistant and 4 helpers.
  17. Teaching assistants support special educators. Helpers take care of kids with moments and other activities
  18. Stipendiary assistant ~ 7600. students graduated from blessings program.
  19. Went over roles of executive director(programs, fundraising, administration and govt & legal compliance) and admin director(HR, govt, external interface, general admin and community program)
  20. There are two different Vijay Pal's
  21. Presented a short video about KWS.
  22. Went over various activities part of vocational training and other extra curricular activities like yoga, music and like. Counselling for kids and parents periodically on campus.
  23. WIll take vote and then consult asha if funds can be dispersed and site visit can be done later.
  24. Ranga planning to send 10k this year(april-dec'16) and 5k next year(jan-mar'17)
  25. Went over KSW financials.
  26. Relevant links 
    1. Project Website :
    2. Proposal for 2016 :
    3. Proposed (choose between Option A and B) Budget for 2016 :
    3. KWS Financials for 2016 :
    4. KWS Audit Report 2015-16 :
    5. KWS Annual Report 2015-16 :
    6. Q&A :

  27. Ranga will start ramping Sneha.
  28. Mohit will setup a vote online


  1. Need for new staff and new programs that are being planned?
    Previous part time were made full time employees since kids were really benefiting from all the training and medical support. day care facility added and planning to add night time hostel.
  2. Do they keep track of kids who graduate out of school?
    Vocational training for 16-17 yrs kids,so they are self sufficient after they graduate.

Asha Representative Council(ARC) discussion - Mohit

  1. Went over ARC Cycle 2 Vote. See Sec 4.1 in Chapter Financial Policy 2  that was voted into policy in June this year. One of the suggestions on reducing General funds received equal votes. A tie-breaker vote in this polling cycle is needed to resolve this.
  2. Action items:
    Ask the central team how did we do the split for 2016 was it on ratio/equal split. 
    If it was equal split, what would it be if we had done it on the ratio
  3. Vote for central fund dispersal:
    option A: Ranga, Arun, Mohit, Soumya, Sneha.
    option B: None
  4. Chapter Health Questionnaire. Mohit went over this. He will send out a copy of responses to the Chapter after he has filled out the form.

Action items from Previous meetings:
Siddamma Fellowship - Sowmya

  1. Spoke about women welfare activities siddamma is involved with.
  2. Went over various cuddalore flood relief activities siddamma is involved in. She also received funding from asha purdue. Still looking for more funding. 
  3. Bharati trust resource center farm being rebuild.
  4. Sowmya working with siddhamma to improve communication with her.
  5. Sowmya was not able to visit Cuddalore flood affected area.
  6. Will upload Site visit report for the checklist to get approved. 

Vote for chapter positions:

  1. Chapter secretary 
    Sneha - 4
    Arun    - 0
  2. Webmaster            
    Sneha - 0
    Arun    - 4

  3. Chapter Coordinator:
    Mohit   - 4
    Ranga - 0

  4. Project Coordinator
    Mohit   - 4
    Ranga - 0

Action items:

  1. Arun to update contact information on chapter website.
  2. Mohit to send out the ARC questionnaire.
  3. Set up a poll for 6th November'16 poll.


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