Attendees : Arun, Sneha, Ranga, Mohit, Nimisha, Arvind 

New Volunteer Introduction 

  1. Everyone introduced themselves. 
  2. Mohit and Ranga talked about how Asha and its Austin Chapter works. 
  3. We also answered some questions from new volunteers
  4. We discussed following items that Asha Austin Chapter needs help with
    1. Asha Austin Secretary - Sneha is interested in helping out with this
      1. Arrange Asha Austin meetings
      2. Call for Agenda 
      3. Take meeting notes on Asha Wiki
      4. ARC Representation
    2. PR / Website Coordinator - Arun is interested in helping out here. 
      1. Help with Asha Austin Website 
      2. Facebook
      3. WAH representative from Chapter
  5. Action item : Mohit to send details about to Sneha and Arun to get them started

Chapter Financials 

  1. Ranga explained to new volunteers how Chapter Financial planning works. 
    1. He explained 2015 Budget and WCR. 
    2. We looked at where we are in terms of project funding.  
    3. Discussed briefly Mathru and Girirajpura school project status. 
  2. Action items
    1. Arvind will speak to Malathiji if she needs additional funds for this.
    2. Arvind is going to look at Treasury emails and survey to confirm if our assumption about WCR is correct. 

Khushboo Welfare Society - Ranga

  1. Ranga went over KWS project (link) and its history with Asha Austin. 
  2. Ranga reviewed KWS budget for 2015-16 and 2016-17. 
  3. KWS will likely have a shortfall in budget due to reduced amount of interest income from Corpus Fund. Last year they raised funds from Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. That may not happen this year. 
  4. Ranga is proposing this as a one time funding budget. 
  5. We will revisit Asha Austin Vision if we need to continue funding Khushboo next year. 
  6. Questions
    1. Did KWS get any CSR donation in 2015 / 2016 ?
    2. Do excess funds going to reserve be used for 2016-17 budget. 
    3. How many classrooms are there ? How many special educator /helper/ teaching assistant per room ?
    4. What's the difference between Helper and Teaching Assistant
    5. What is the role of Executive Director, Admin Director. 
    6. Is Vijay (Director) also helping out with Pottery also. How much time is he spending between the two roles? 
  7. Site visit would be needed to send funds. Mohit to visit KWS when he will be in India during November. 
  8. Action items :
    1. Ranga to send out the proposal filled out by KWS
    2. Ranga to send out answer to these questions and other Q&A. 
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