Attendees : Raga, Mohit, Ranga, and Nimisha

Nimisha, a new volunteer joined us at Asha Austin meeting today. We gave her an overview of Asha Austin and a little bit of history of the Chapter. 

Girirajpura School site visit - Mohit

  • Mohit gave a background of Girirajpura school. How the community and the school got established. More details are in the Proposal submitted last year 
  • Mohit presented details from site visit done by Naheed on Jul 30th. 
  • We looked at her report and also went through pictures and videos that she took during her visit. 

New Projects discussion - Ranga

  • We looked at our Financial planning worksheet. Ranga updated the sheet with expected disbursement for all projects. 
    • We are looking at $12.5k for GSK that we have voted on already + another $2.65k additional one time disbursement that will be approved next time
    • Then we have Mathru Foundation - only half disbursement this year = $4.4k
    • We have Siddamma's Fellowship - $4.4k
    • This adds up to $24k. 
    • To meet WCR of 1.5 this year. We need to have a additional disbursal of $10k this year. 
  • Ranga briefly discussed Khushboo's Annual report 
  • He also briefly discussed KWS' request to support Special Educator or Medical staff salary. 
  • Some action items :
    • Need to get additional details on funding of these salaries
    • Also need to get information on how these salaries were being supported in the past.
    • Would be good to see details of KWS financials - who are main donors and what is their fund allocation.
    • Need to decide if KWS is one-time OR 3 year commitment. 
      • For 3 year commitment, we need to ratify our visions document. 
  • Mohit shared link to proposals submitted by NGOs

Asha-wide updates

  1. Deadline to disburse funds and meet WCR for 2016 is Early December.
  2. Treasury team has started sending Quickbook emails to all Chapters. These are monthly financial reports 
    1. Statement of activity detail report: This one shows your chapter's beginning balance at the end of current fiscal year, all the transactions YTD, and 
      ending balance.
    2. Net asset report: This is a consolidated version of [1]; a chapter financial summary.


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