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  • Asha London Meeting: Feb 11, 2017


Attendees: Arijit,Himadri,Lakshmi,Sreejith,Vidhya
Hi All,
Please find my notes below:
  • Filing of Accounts with the charities commission:We have managed to locate all the  receipts for 2013, and the books can now be closed for FY 2013 and 2014. Vidhya will set up a follow on meeting with Madhu and Neha to drive this process. Once the books are closed for Fy'14 Neha will work with the accountants to close the books for Fy 15 and 16. We hope to complete the entire process by the second week of March
  • Project Updates:
    • Puvidham: The project is facing an accute shortfall of funds due to conditions of drought in Tamil Nadu and delayed disbursement of funds by the Silicon Valley(SV) chapter. Vidhya has been chasing the SV chapter and it has agreed in principle to release the funds by March, failing which we should be ready to do an emergency disbursement .Secondly, the project has to provide a roadmap for self sufficiency and conduct the ASER test in March
    • Timbaktu: The project is facing a shortage of funds of around 4 lakhs. Shiv,KP can you please ask the project to provide a roadmap for self sufficiency and to conduct the ASER tests in March?Also, could you share more details of the gardening activities begun by Timbaktu, so that it can be leveraged by other project partners
    • KSMWS: The site visit is due in March, if successful we will start funding the project. We will disburse 50% of the funds requested initially (around 4.5 lakh Rs) and the balance once the project completes a status review in 6 months.The project will be co stewarded by Lakshmi and Sreejith
  • Research Projects:
    • Malnutrition: Shiv to provide an update on the progress of the paper, a draft questionnaire has been created and is awaiting review
    • Unemployment and Vocational training: We have submitted an application to LSE for interns to work on this project and hopefully we should get a confirmation by May. If we don't  manage to attract interns we will try to take this project forward within the chapter
  •  Keynote Session:(Tentatively Scheduled in May)
    • We need to identify a theme for the session. I propose "Harnessing India's Demographic Dividend: Challenges and Opportunities". Please let me know your thoughts
    • Lakshmi will be the overall coordinator for this initiative and will get in tough with the Indian High Commission,Nehru centre and LSE to drive this forward
  • Tarang 2017: We are in the process of finalising acts for the performance, and hope to have a more interactive program this year.
Oxford Fusion Project: The band is recording a video with eminent singers from India and Pakistan,and the proceeds will be donated to Asha. Vidhya has to sign an authorization letter on behalf of Asha for education to accept these funds.
Please let me know in case I have missed out/misstated anything.
The next chapter meeting is scheduled on the 18th of March at Imperial College.
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