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  • Asha Seattle Chapter Meeting Notes from November 8th 2017


Attendees: Sudhi, Garima, Geetha, Prema, Madan, Rupa, Karthika, Pankaj, Jyoti, Latha

On phone: Divya, Sridhar (Could not hear them very well at all. So not included in voting)

Note Taker: Latha

Topic 1: Muskaan Agenda (Recurring + one-time funding)

Presenter: Garima Bangard 

Location:* Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

What they do:*Muskaan extensively works in slums of Bhopal providing education to underprivileged children of the basti's. It is very much involved with the community as it works with scheduled tribes such as Gond and Pardhi who came from the tribal regions of MP decades ago and now do menial work such as rag picking in Bhopal slums. Muskaan has constructed a building by raising funds from various sources including Asha Seattle.

Annual Recurring Funding ask: INR 15,57,750 

One-time Funding ask INR  928,200.

Funding Period: 10/2017-09/2018

*Site visit status:* yes,02/2017

  • Muskaan’s programs are educational program
  • After 5th class, kids have to go to govt. schools
  • Balvadi’s is for 3 to 6 years of age for kids – reading poems, building blocks, handling books
  • Support community thru vocational programs
  • Residential programs – children live and study – 10 months. Meant for kids who are really poor.
  • Educational, community programs
  • 2016-17 – children protection and youth
  • Funds recd. from Asha Seattle for  Muskaan in 2016/17 which is 9% of their total budget supports the two programs - Jeevan sikhska pahel and basti center.
  • Muskaan has shifted to a new place as of August 2017. Kids have ample space to learn and grow in a secure env. Construction work in the final stage.
  • No of Children – 150 in Jeevan shiksha, 260 in basti
  • 1:25 teaching ratio and 1:40 for other activities including libraries and child rights
  • Attendance is 80% for school and instruction medium is multilingual.
  • 27% of campus devl. Costs were met thru Asha (Seattle and Stanford)
  • Books are sourced from ECERT, Eklayva, Avehi-abacuas.
  • Less dropout of children. Schools have till 5th grade.
  • Pardhi tribes are nomadic tribes and underprivileged in Bhopal. Curtailing child marriages.
  • Problems faced: addiction issues of Ganja. Create awareness with the younger children by helping them see the consequences.
  • Suicide has increased in the Pardhi community. Muskaan is helping by talking to the children and youth on this topic.
  • Muskaan has been documenting their methodology about teaching etc. as other schools are looking to Muskaan to understand the same.

Recurring funding – 30% requested from Asha Seattle – INR 17,17,100. This is 10% more than the last year’s budget of 15,61,000.  INR 17,82,750 is the full ask.

One time funding:

One time funding – pottery studio, computers and recording studio -INR 9,28,900

Muskaan would like to introduce computers to children at an younger age so they would get comfortable.  Getting new teachers for education of the children.

Pottery studio is for art, crafts and motor skills.

Recording studio for making documentaries in languages other than English and Hindi.  Traditional knowledge of the community.

We need answers before we can vote on the one time funding ask.

Computer and Recording Studio:

  1. Cost per desktop machine seems high. can you confirm if the cost is correct.
  2. What is the configuration of the laptops and the desktops.
  3. What is this apple machine for?

Recording Room:

  1. What is the reason for funding a recording room. 
  2. How are you going to support the recurring costs associated with the recording activities.

Voting for Recurring funding of INR 17,17,000:

All in favor of recurring funding of INR 17,17,100 (10% increase) for JSP and Basti centers for salaries, workshop trainings, staff, meals etc. for the funding period Oct 2017 to Sep 2018

Yes – 10 (Sudhi, Garima, Geetha, Prema, Madan, Rupa, Karthika, Pankaj, Jyoti, Latha )

No – 0

Abstain - 0

Voting for Additional recurring funding of INR 65,650:

All in favor of recurring funding of INR 65,650 (5% increase) for JSP and Basti centers for salaries, workshop trainings, staff, meals etc. for the funding period Oct 2017 to Sep 2018

Yes - 9 (Sudhi, Garima, Geetha, Prema, Madan, Rupa, Karthika, Pankaj, Latha)

No – 1 (Jyoti)

Abstain - 0

Voting for One-time funding for INR 9,29,000 done on November 15th, 2017: Asha Seattle chapter meeting November 15 2017

Topic 2: Aarthi Home (Recurring + additional One time funding) 

Presenter:  Geetha 

Location: Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh
What they do: Provide education and hostel for orphaned girl children and vocational training for women
Reason for presentation: Recurring and additional One time funding request for beds etc for the girls' hostel

  • Already approved Rs.12,66,550 on May 3rd as part of one-time funding.
  • In Kadapa, dist. In AP. Started by Sandha Puchalapalli  she decided to foster an 2 year old orphaned child.  She wanted to find out why the girls were abandoned by their parents.  She was invited to speak at a Ted-X conf. in Delhi about her contributions to Aarthi.

 4 projects are under Vijay

-          Aarthi Home – 120 kids

-          Aarthi school- 430 kids

-          Lalitha cooperative society – vocational training – 2500 completed employability training and 14000 vocational training.

-          Mana bidda project – completely supported by European Union. Women from the Lalitha coop have started working for Mana bidda project. They have stopped 8000 abortions.

Recurring funding:

  • Asha Seattle is funding teacher salaries in the Aarthi school.
  • Need to increase salaries for retaining teachers.
  • They have INR 40 lakhs in expenses.
  • Last year we gave INR 10Lakhs. 10% of 10 lakhs is 1Lakh. Another 10% for teacher salaries. So total would be INR 12 Lakhs.

Additional One time funding: 2500 sq. ft additional space

  • We have done one time funding for aarthi Home – beds, helves, setting up play ground etc.
  • No govt funding. Private donors and anonymous donors.
  • Asha Seattle supporting since 2016.
  • Foundation has the supports to go for one more level.
  • Total cost would be INR 23,10,000. This comes to $ 36k. We can give $31K additional funding.
  • We can give addl 20 lakhs which comes to $30,819
  • Aarthi home is 6 blocks (2 rooms in a block). It is supposed to be for 90 kids. But it has around 130 kids and overcrowded.  Asking for additional one time funding. Proposal is to build

Voting for recurring funding of INR 12 lakhs:

All in favor of recurring funding of INR 12 lakhs (20% increase) for Aarthi school for teacher salaries for the funding period June 2017 to May 2018

Yes: 10 (Sudhi, Garima, Geetha, Prema, Madan, Rupa, Karthika, Pankaj, Jyoti, Latha)

No: 0

Abstain - 0

Voting for Addl. One-time funding of INR 20 lakhs:

All in favor of additional one-time funding of INR 20 lakhs for Aarthi Home for construction for the funding period Dec 2017 to Nov 2018

Yes: 10 (Sudhi, Garima, Geetha, Prema, Madan, Rupa, Karthika, Pankaj, Jyoti, Latha)

No – 0

Abstain - 0

Topic 3: KIGS Project (Recurring funding + addl. one-time funding)

Presenter: Pankaj Jain (name) 

Location: Garudwasi area, Tehsil-Kothkhawada, District-Jaipur, Rajasthan
What they do: Run 10 schools (informal learning centres) for educating the children of migrant labourers working at brick kilns in Garudwasi area of Jaipur district, Rajasthan covering twelve brick kilns.
Funding Period: Start date: November 1, 2017 – End date: October 30, 2018
Size: People involved – approx. 500 students, 20 teachers and 50 parents (we are planning to conduct adult education classes for parents also, if they are interested. Present classes are being conducted at 2 brick kiln for 2 hours per day. If this pilot is successful, it will be scaled to other bric

Already approved Rs. 12,50,000 on May 17th as part of one-time funding for the fiscal year April 2017 to March 2018.

  • 15 brick kilns. brick workers are migratory. 625 families residing and working.
  • Provide education for migration worker’s children from the Chaksu village
  • Academic calendar year is July to April every year. Schools are estb. On the worksite.
  • Last year pilot started for adult education.
  • Empower these underprivileged kids so they can do something with their lives.
  • 10 schools running now of which 5 schools are supported by Asha. i.e. 229 children from ages 6-12.  124 boys; 105 girls; 10 teachers.
  • 31% of the budget comes from Asha.
  • 45 students per school with 2 teachers per school.
  • Pratham creates course curriculum to account for needs of the different levels
  • 3rd year Asha is supporting this program.
  • Parents are themselves interested in learning to read and write.
  • 90% of students were at the beginner level. Now 7% were at beg. Level, 50% at letter recog. Level and 28% were reading paragraphs.
  • 10 Shelters have been built using the one-time funding provided in April 2017.
  • Recurring funding ask : increase of 10% it will be INR 13,62,900 from last year’s amount of INR 12,39,000. Additional 10% will be given to increase teacher salaries. Teacher salary extra would be 1,23,900 (1,24,000). Teacher salaries would be 509,000.
  • The total recurring ask would be INR 1486800.

Addl.One time funding:

The ask was for INR 10,11,000.  There was a component of addl 10% increase of salary to 10 teachers.  We will not fund that in one time as we already gave 10% addl. Recurring funding for teacher salaries.

Support to students comes to 7,00,000 INR which will be covered by the addl. One time funding. School uniforms for students; shoes; school bags; tours/activities for students and sports kids etc. – 7 lakhs

Establishing Digital classroom requires 2,76,000 INR.  We will cover only the Laptop; projector with screen – 1.5 lakhs.  The remainder 1,26,000 will not be covered.

A total of 8.5 lakhs will be covered for addl. One time funding.

Voting for recurring funding of INR 14,86,800:

All in favor of giving recurring funding of INR 14,86,800 to cover teacher salaries, books, stationary, admin costs etc. for the funding period Nov. 207 to Oct. 2018

Yes - 10 (Sudhi, Garima, Geetha, Prema, Madan, Rupa, Karthika, Pankaj, Jyoti, Latha)

No – 0

Abstain - 0

Voting for additional one-time funding of INR 8,50,000:

All in favor of providing addl one time funding of 8,50,000 INR to cover school uniforms, shoes, school bags, educational tours, laptop, projecters etc. for the fiscal year Nov. 2017 to October 2018.

Yes – 10 (Sudhi, Garima, Geetha, Prema, Madan, Rupa, Karthika, Pankaj, Jyoti, Latha)

No – 0

Abstain - 0

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