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  • Asha Seattle Chapter Meeting from Jan 10 2018


Attendees: Vish, Seema, Keerthi,  Lavanya, Madhura, Vijay, Vandana, Garima, Jyoti, Madan, Anant, Latha

Skype: Sudhi, Sampurna

Note taker: Latha Nath


Topic No. 1 : Aakriti Dance Event

Presenter: Kesava Vishwanathan 

Priority: High

Time: 60 minutes

Reason for presentation, action needed: Discuss the addl. payment of $1,000 asked by the Aakriti Dance group and decide.

  •  Aakriti has been doing shows with Asha for 3 years. Would continue to do that.
  • Last year went from 2 to 3 shows. We did have a post mortem meeting – feedback.
  • Also as part of the cost discussions, Aakriti has spent a lot of time and effort.
  • Aakriti sent an invoice for 4125. Ask is to add $1000 to that amount.
  • Their cost is 3000. They want to reduce to 2000.
  • To avoid this confusion, Aakriti suggested that they handle everything from ticketing to booking the hall etc.  That way, they can tally the total and give us the balance once the costs are taken care of.
  •  Volunteer hours was not included in the mix and are matched by Microsoft.  The volunteer hours should be above and beyond the fund raising for the event. Should not be considered for breaking even for the costs.
  •  For 2018, Aakriti is looking to do two shows instead of three. Lot of effort and details are put into these shows.


All in favor in giving an addl. $1000 to Aakriti in addition to the $4125 that is going to be paid.

Yes: 1 (Keerthi)

No: 7 (Madan, Garima, Vish, Jyoti, Seema, Madhura, Latha)

Abstain: 0

(Sudhi dropped before voting. Sampurna and Anant joined after the voting had completed)


Topic No. 2: Maydenbauer Center  (Informational)

Presenter: Garima Bangard

Priority: high

time: 15 minutes

Action Required: Meydenbaur center has invited us for booking of hall for events for 2018 on 30th Jan. We need to discuss the formation of events committee which can decide what events to host next year. The decision should be taken before 30th Jan.

  •  We need to give our feedback on whether we want to go with Maydenbauer center.
  • Proposal is to have an events committee – Garima will send out a note to the Seattle Volunteers group asking for volunteers to form an events committee.  Need answers by January 24th so we can inform Maydenbauer accordingly.
  • Criteria for the events should be:
    • Besides operational, what kind of programs should we host
    • What we as Asha would like to do.
    • Variety or quality program
    • Review what’s been happening in the last few years and include them in the events committee.


Topic No. 3: Astitva Pratishthan  (New Project- One time funding)

Presenter: Seema Chaudhary

Priority: high

Time: 45 minutes

Name of the Group: Astitva Pratishthan

Established: 2003  With Asha year: 0

Location: Veer, Purandar, Pune, Maharashtra

What they do: Reaching out to poor to end their deprivation and strive for social change

Reason for presentation, action needed: Request for funds for constructing school and hostel building

Finance, record amount funded at meeting: -

Funding Period: start date (01/2018) - end date (12/20 18)

Size: Current students 63, Expansion for additional 100. Teachers, Paid and unpaid volunteers and paid personnel

Site visit status: yes, 11/4/2017


  • Background: This project is in Pune. Jyan probodini.  They are all active in volunteer work. Gurukul schools. one of the teachers from Jyan probodini started this org.
  • Allow people to understand the meaning of living. Help them achieve general life skills.
  • It is classified as Non governmental org. (NGO) main areas of work is education for children from disadvantaged communities.
  • 7 trustees. Gitanjali is president. They are not paid.
  • 4 teachers, 2 cooks and 1 helper – they are paid.  They stay in the hostel as well.
  • There are 63 children from underprivileged single parent families. The programs ae focused in rural areas.
  • Gitanjali started bridge schools for the children that move from place to place.
  • Trustee owns the land – 2 acres
  • There are 2 buildings – one for girls and one for boys. It is a residential school.
  • Gurukul – is a registered school and students from 6 years to 17 years are part of this Gurukul.
  • The children go home once a year for Diwali.
  • There is a vocational training center
  • Though the children are together, the teachers teach the children based on their level.
  • Most of the funds are from the trustees who are part of the org. They need Rs. 53,000 per child per year.
  • The girls and boys are evenly distributed. But the total sq. foot is only 6500. Need to expand the space.
  • Request for funding is for construction of schools and hostel buildings for boys and girls.  This would help accommodate the waiting list of 100 children.
  • Asha involvement – Support construction of the school and hostel buildings. Ensure that the construction is phased as per the budget.
  • Plan is to destroy the current structure and build a new structure in its place.
  • Required in 93.7 lakhs but ask is 45 lakhs.
  • Phase 1 would be construction of the 1st floor of the hostel for boys and girls totally 9,000 sq. ft. Estimate is 45 lakhs.
  • For one time funding, we typically allocate $30,000 and an additional funding of $20,000.


All in favor of giving a total of $30,000 or Rs. 20 lakhs as one-time funding to Astitva for construction of hostel for girls and boys.

Yes – 7 – (Vish, Seema, Madhura, Garima, Jyoti, Madan, Latha)

No – 0

Abstain –2 ( Keerthi, Anant)

(Lavanya, Vandana and Sampurna and Vijay left before this discussion)

Topic No. 4: MICDA (Informational)

  • Keerthi, the current project steward, will present the project in the next meeting. Will send out an email to the volunteer group to ask for a steward to take over the project.
  • The project partner’s health is an issue.
  • Need a new steward as well.
  • Teach for India – Have ideas on how to get this started again.


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