Date: 02/27/2016

Venue:  1251 Creekshore Drive Athens GA (Devaki's house)

Time: 7 to 9:00pm

Members present - Abhyuday Mandal, Debkanta Chakrabarty, Devaki Kadambi, Anagha Kadambi, Natalia Shim, Siva Venkat, Arunava Samddar, Somenath Das, S. P. Mohan,  Brahm Verma, K. C. Das, Suraj Sharma

Discussion points: (Discussion about Wheelchair Accessible Bus)

  1. Contact Karur District in Tamil Nadu (responsible: PSMOHAN@UGA.EDU) 
  2. Maintenance of the bus is very costly -- therefore, the bus should be simple 
  3. K. C. Das: Present Description and Outcomes to CENGR faculty for engineering design to be assigned to the next set of students in Fall 2016. Biological and Mechanical Engineering Students -- Faculty will be assigned to mentor students and monitor the process of the project. Depends on individual group of students and 70-80% of solution can be taken to the next level. It can resolve as “novel” design. It will be local design (no western union). Maintenance should be incorporated in the design. It is necessary to explain the road condition in India, put videos. 
  4. Brahm Verma: how to address challenges? local conditions and environment. Students will investigate at first priority what the road of condition, the size of wheel, the size of wheelchair. They will ask very detailed questions and they will need to understand what local things are available. What are the conditions of the project? Example: collect solar energy for Mali (students were asked to localize the product for the conditions). Students will engage you in the process by asking here what customer wants / whether customer asked you or not to design. Report every week, it is rigorous process. Students are practicing engineering solutions. Dr. Kissalita -- design milk cooler for Uganda that does not require electricity. Recognition and Awards that came from Design Project. He took students to Uganda, to look at condition and talk to local communities. Students will learn a lot. 
  5. Mohan: 15 students in June for India -- link students in Vet school with Engineering Students. Students will visit Karur. Create videos, photos, reports. 
  6. Abhyuday Mandal: some students in Statistics who can collaborate. 
  7. K. C. Das: took students previously to India who already saw the local conditions. Contact the student who are still studying in Engineering.
  8. Money: that we need $60 000. Timeline: the sooner the better. Fall probably will be too late.  
  9. There are probably wheelchair accessible buses in India but they are imported. Available bus in Tamil Nadu is a minibus or van, not a big bus (12 seats). Boarding on the bus from behind is better (from backside), otherwise we cannot do from side (road shoulder is not available or land owners may complain). We need to consider the space that is needed. 
  10. We should be able to pick up the same number of students because the trip lasts 2 hours. 
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