Date: 4/8/2015

Venue: Room 247, Zell B. Miller Learning Center, UGA

Time: 7 to 8:30pm

Members present - Abhyuday Mandal, Vinay Kumar, Natalia Shim, Aekta Patel, Debkanta Chakraborthy, Ruchir Mishra, Arjun Patel, Alka Kumar, Sherry Abraham and Siva Venkatachalam

1. Your Pie Percentage Night- April 16th from 5-9pm. Make sure you let them know you are with Asha!

2. Asha Conference is at the University of Florida (Gainesville) campus this year from July 25th to July 26th. It is a great opportunity to connect with other Asha volunteers and learn more about our organization. If you are interested in attending, please let us know as soon as possible. Asha-Athens will refund your registration fee. 
The webpage of the conference is

3. The volunteers discussed about the following projects and approved 6 lakhs INR to each of them for immediate disbursements. However, Abhyuday will look at the available funds and decide about the exact dates for disbursements. 

1. Sandnya Sanwardhan Sanstha
2. Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama Narendrapur - Book Bank
3. Kalyania - Prayas Centre
4. Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama Sargachi

We looked at the budgets and discussed the requirements. For each of them, the votes are as follows:

Yes - 10

No - 0

Abstain - 0

4. We discussed about board members positions for next year and adding an ISA liaison to the Asha Board.

5. We discussed about possible fundraising events including concession stands during Game Days in the Fall. Graduate students will also explore the possibilities of presenting at ISA events (Fall Fling).

6. We discussed about printing posters and banners using remaining UGA funds and planning the postcard event for the end of the year.

If you have any further ideas or suggestions, please email us at

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