Venue: Room 434, Brooks Hall, Department of Statistics, UGA

Time: 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Members present -

  1. Abhyuday Mandal
  2. Debkanta Chakrabarty
  3. Srinivasa Muralidhara (on phone)
  4. Devaki Muralidhara (on phone)
  5. Subham Das
  6. Swapnanil Banerjee
  7. Maduranga Dassanayake

Discussion points:

  • Projects funding: 

    • Sandnya Sanwardhan Sanstha:
      We will wait for NYC/NJ and Portland to release the funds.
    • Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama Sargachi:
      A proposal ( was submitted to the Stanford Innovation in Education Contest, 2018. It got selected in the first round, but could not get through in the final round. Thereafter,  proposal was sent to a few other Asha chapters to figure out their interest. No other chapter had resources to steward and fund it. We discussed it and approved funding the "Biodegradable Jute Napkins Manufacture and Associated Training", along with the solar project. The project has been working on the solar project for some time now, the napkins project is new. Non-recurring one time expenses is 16,48,800 INR and recurring trainer salaries is 2,40,000 INR (Trainer Honorarium @ 10,000 per month). We approved sending 18,89,000 in August 2018.
      INR 18,89,000 sent in August 2018 will be used electrical installation and fittings, purchase raw jute fiber and sticks, cover trainer honorarium and other miscellaneous expenses, for the period May 2018 to April 2019.
    • Kalyania Prayas Center:
      50% of their 2018-19 budget was released by Atlanta Chapter. We will wait for NYC/NJ to release the remaining funds.
      Quoting from 2018-05-02 meeting minutes: We discussed about the project. Abhyuday did the site visit in December 2017. Anish visited in January 2018. We agreed to send INR 7,00,000 later in 2018. The budget link and other details will be added to the minutes later. Atlanta and NYC/NJ should also support this project.
      Follow up: Atlanta sent 8 lakhs and NYC/NJ decided to fund only 7.7 lakhs, so Athens will fund the remaining, which is equal to ~= (1584000 - 800000 - 770000) = 14000 for and we also fund 1.3 lakhs for - these two together make it 1.30+.14 = 1.44 lakhs. This amount is less than what was approved (7 lakhs).
    • Asha Darshan Trust Assam pilot project:
      The budget for this SAC pilot project is Darshan Trust is a well known project. Many of the schools are in remote places in Assam, now many of their schools have been taken up by the government. Padmanava wrote us an email to support a SAC project. Asha Atlanta is funding the 50% of the project. We agreed to approve the remaining 50% of requested budget.
      INR 88,000 sent in August 2018 will be used towards supporting higher education of four children from Asha Darshan Trust, including purchase of books, uniform, tuition fees and other expenses, for the period May 2018 to April 2019.

      • Projects funding Votes: For all the two items above (Sargachhi and  Asha Darshan Trust SAC project)
        1. Yes - 7
        2. No - 0
        3. Abstain - 0

  • Fundraising:
    We discussed the possibility of doing some fundraisers in Fall, including the Coliseum events in November/December.


  • Site Visit:
    Sayani and Anuja are expected to visit the Sargachhi project in December. Since they could not attend the meeting, we did not get a confirmation but Abhyuday will contact them.

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