Call Attended by : Anuradha, Sameer, Joydeep, Vijay, Padmanava, Abhyuday and Pritesh (7 Vols)

Discussed : Project Monitoring aspect + Evaluation of Atlanta Projects - Viklang Vidyalaya (Bihar); BCT (AP); GVT (Gujrat); Trinita (WB) & Nishtha (WB)

Slides presented Linked Here

Details :

Padmanava Sen presented the new project monitoring guidelines ratified by the ARC (Asha Regional Council) that need to be followed by all chapters. Sameer had a question regarding the difference between one time FCRA and a permanent FCRA. Padmanava clarified by showing an example where a permanent FCRA is composed of 9 digits that may or may not start with a 0 and stated that all chapters are strongly encouraged to insist on a permanent FCRA from the NGO partners to avoid additional paperwork hassles for Asha treasury.

Sameer presented the update on the status of Viklang Vidyalaya. The current requested amount for Viklang Vidyalaya is for Rs. 1, 44, 000 for one year. Padmanava clarified that of the total amount requested, Rs. 1, 00, 000 is for construction costs the budget request from next year onwards will most likely be significantly smaller. The 7 attendees unanimously voted to approve funds transfer to VV for 2012 for the amount of Rs. 1, 44, 000.

Anu presented the result of the recent site visit to Bhagvatula Charitable Trust by Asha Atlanta volunteer Mr. Radhaswamy Kidambi. Joydeep wondered about the sustainability aspect of the tailoring training project.  Anu replied that it was not possible for the project to be sustainable as the tailoring center was not focused on manufacturing goods. However, the project partners are very efficient at fund raising and hence in the event that Asha cannot support the project, it may be possible for them to find other funding sources. Abhyuday was concerned that given the difficulty of fundraising by Asha Atlanta, if it was necessary to continue to support BCT if they had additional sources of funding.  Anu replied that the project partners are constantly starting new projects and are very efficient at ramping up a project and making it effective in a short time as evidenced by the vocational training institute for the handicapped described in the site visit report.   

Voting to transfer funds for the support of the night shelter at Nishtha was approved unanimously by all 7 volunteers for the total amount of Rs. 2, 95, 500.

The discussion on GVT (Gram Vikas Trust) focused on funds transfer for two Asha Atlanta supported projects. 1. Bicycle project for 20 girls for a total of Rs. 67, 000 per year and Phase II support for the Sikshana project. Pritesh Patil volunteered to be the project steward for CVT on behalf of Asha Atlanta and also volunteered to find someone to do the site visit in 2012. Voting was conducted to transfer funds for the total amount of Rs. 1, 27, 000 for 2012 and was approved by all 7 volunteers.

Voting to transfer initial funds to Trinita was conducted. Trinita has been nominated for WAH 2012. However, funds need to be transferred in the intermediate. After much discussion all 7 volunteers voted to transfer Rs. 2, 00, 000 immediately. In the event WAH 2012 raises the requested funds, Asha Atlanta will be compensated for the above amount. Otherwise, Univ of Florida will transfer the remainder amount due to Trinita after the chapter has been compensated from WAH 2012.

Action Items :

1) Submit the Checklists for 

  • Viklang Vidyalaya (INR 1,44,000)
  • Gram Vikas Trust (INR 67,000 for BiCycle Project + INR 60,100 for 1 Shikshana)
  • Nishtha (Partial/Full amount of approved budget of 2,95,500 after checking with Partner)
  • Trinita (USD $4K from WAH budget which will probably be replenished if WAH fundraising >$4K)

2) Anu will follow up with BCT to get their updated budget request for 2012

3) Anu will follow up with Pritesh regarding stewardship of GVT

4) Anu will follow up with RABC to organize a booth at the Bengali conference

5) Anu will look into the possibility of organizing an Asha booth to publicize WAH 2012

6) Joydeep will enquire into the possibility of finding a web designer for Asha Atlanta

7) Padmanava will clarify with Nishtha about the requested SAC funds for Nishtha Jagran girls

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