Asha for Education - Boston/MIT Chapter

Roles & Responsibilities

Chapter Coordinator

Resources for Chapter Coordinators on the Asha FAQ page

Time Effort: Avg 2 hours/week. Goes up during events/planning etc
  1. Is the face of the chapter. Should liaison with other Asha chapters or Asha wide coordination team to represent the chapter
  2. Initiate, lead, and manage the fundraising effort. Create various teams, assign volunteers, and manage teams
  3. Maintain donor interaction through emails and other means as appropriate
  4. Maintain order during the meetings and work on recruiting new volunteers to the chapter
  5. Take care of MIT representation (continuing registration/renewal as a student org) if possible
  6. Work in tandem with other organizations to foster cross organizational co-operation & events (TeamAID-Asha etc)
  7. Manage the mailbox
  8. Represent Asha Boston on the ARC (Asha Representative Council) if there is no other ARC Rep for the chapter

Projects Coordinator

Resources for Project Coordinators on the Asha FAQ page

Time Effort: Avg 2 hours/week
  1. Responsible for approving checklists for funds disbursal
  2. Help project stewards (if they don't know how) to update their project webpages and upload files/documents
  3. Set and maintain timelines for when projects need to be presented at committee meetings for new proposals and updates
  4. Followup with stewards on holdups with presentations and filing checklists
  5. Make sure project proposals are received, distributed among stewards and vetted at chapter meetings in a timely manner. The prospective project partner should be informed either way when a decision has been arrived at. 
  6. Represent the chapter in Asha wide project initiatives or identify volunteers who can participate in Asha wide focus groups (Fellows, NREGA, QED etc.)
  7. Come up with metrics in collaboration with project stewards and other chapter vols that can measure progress in projects
  8. Have on overview of all running projects and come up with ways in which our involvement or service to projects is improved (so that Asha Boston is not just a funding agency and that we are actually working to improve the condition of projects beyond status quo)
  9. Take care of
  10. Should be a member of


Resources for Chapter Treasurers on the Asha FAQ page

Time Effort: Avg 2 hours/week
  1. Maintaining accounts for the chapter, keeping track of inflow and outflow of funds - from donations, events and to projects
  2. Track donation checks sent by donors to the Asha-Boston PO Box (or to volunteers) to Ashawide Treasurer. Issuing donation receipts is now handled by the Asha-wide treasurer.
  3. Once the project coordinator approves the checklist, approve the funding checklist and ensure funds are transferred to the project partner in India in a timely manner. Ensure projects send a formal acknowledgement receipt.
  4. Keep a track of cash balance held by local chapter volunteers (ie cash outside of the bank account). Usually it is best if all the cash is held by one individual only. 
  5. Handle finances - reimbursements, invoices, deposits etc.
  6. Track down corporate matching donations, follow up with central treasurer ( to ensure that donations get credited to Asha Boston correctly.
  7. Take care of
  8. Should be a member of


Time Effort: 2-3 hours per month (unless you plan to overhaul the website completely...and you are welcome to do that!)
  1. Keep Asha Boston's website updated at all times. (This includes project updates. Contact individual project stewards for content)
  2. Create new event pages for upcoming events. (Contact the Event Coordinator for content)
  3. Should be a member of

Project Steward(s)

Resources for Project Stewards on the Asha FAQ page

Boston Project Steward's Quickstart Guide

Time Effort: Avg 1 hr / week
  1. Be Asha's point of contact with a project that Asha Boston supports
  2. Communicate effectively with project partners, understand their needs and identify and offer solutions to improve the quality of education
  3. Present periodic updates from the project at Asha Boston meetings. 
  4. Occasional calls with project partners can also be conducted so that rest of the chapter volunteers get to interact with the project directly
  5. Plan funding cycle and submit the funding requests (aka the 'checklist' as it is called in Asha terminology). 
  6. Work with project coordinators and treasurers on the checklist and ensure funds reach the project. Ensure that the project sends a formal receipt. 
  7. Plan and organize annual site visits to the project (or coordinate with someone else if you can't visit yourself)

Work-An-Hour Coordinator - Asha Boston (Seasonal position)

Time Effort: 2 hours per week (May) project evaluation & submission, 2 hours per week (Aug-Oct) conf calls & fundraising efforts

WAH is an Ashawide online fundraiser that highlights selected projects for few months each year. 

  1. Represent Asha Boston on the WAH conf calls for project evaluations, fundraising, publicity during the campaign
  2. If an Asha Boston project needs to be featured in WAH, work with project steward(s) to get the project submitted for WAH evaluation (May)
  3. If an Asha Boston project gets selected, do whatever it takes to ensure the fundraising target is reached. (plan local fundraising event, drive the email/social media publicity on Asha Boston mailing lists, facebook pages etc (Aug-Oct)
  4. If an Asha Boston project was featured in WAH - Remind  project coordinator & project steward to ensure timely disbursal of funds. (Oct)
  5. Send thank you notes and project updates to campaign donors after the campaign concludes (Oct).
Marathon Coordinator - TeamAID-Asha Boston (Seasonal)
Time Effort - 2 hours per week (April-Oct). Apr & July-Oct are the busier periods

This is a joint fundraising program run in collaboration with AID (Association for India's Development). Your responsibility is to be the point person on the Asha side of things. 

  1. Represent Asha Boston in all planning, coordination, kick-off & fundraising meetings for the Team Asha program
  2. Plan out the running calendar in collaboration with AID & the running coach
  3. Coordinate water stop schedules. Sign up volunteers to man the water stations during practice runs. 
  4. Work with AID volunteers to set up runner profile pages for fundraising on
  5. Encourage/motivate runners to reach their fundraising goals

Meeting Minutes

Boston Chapter Meeting Minutes

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