Date: May 21, 2017 @ 3:30 p.m.
    Location: Dunkin Donuts, Stelton Rd, Piscataway, NJ

    Meeting Minutes

    1. Chapter Status Update
    • Asha CNJ has been dormant for 3- 6 years due to lack of volunteers. Used to very active with funding multiple projects per year.
    • Funds were frozen by Asha central when the chapter became dormant. Need to understand what funds from then still remain, what still comes in for this chapter and the steps to unfreeze existing funds for use on projects
      • Chandruji to coordinate with Uttaraji to understand re-activation process steps
    2. Chapter Revival
    • We now have 5-6 members ready to join and revive the chapter. Chandruji will continue to provide guidance. 
    • Team will meet twice a month via Webex/conference call with in-person meetings interspersed as needed. 
    • Need to allot the following responsibilities to the new members for chapter and project governance (2-3 hours a week):
      • Chapter Coordinator
        • Can be one of two individuals responsible for all coordination with Asha centrally and governing the chapter. Vilasiniji volunteered to be a co-coordinator with a new member for the chapter reboot. 
      • Web Master
        • Maintains project lists on the web along with any website coordination with Asha Central and the chapter's digital presence
      • Treasurer 
        • Maintains the balance sheet of funds raised vs. funds allocated to projects throughout the year for reporting back to Asha central. 
      • Events Coordinator
        • Coordinates all event planning, marketing and execution along with overseeing event volunteers 
      • Project Coordinator
        • Coordinates the overall project insourcing and review process as per the Asha bylaws/chapter process. 
      • Project Steward
        • Designated individual responsible for tracking the project progress and reporting once a project is approved for funding. 
    • For new members joining, it will be helpful to have organizations bylaws and any other process details in writing so everyone is on the same page.
      • Neha to schedule twice a month conference call and add to calendars
      • Chandruji to make introductions to Uttaraji for additional coordination support. Targeting for a conference call Tuesday May 23 at 9:00 p.m. ET
      • Vilasiniji to reset facebook pages, worksites etc. so they can be leveraged going forward.
    3. Project Review
    • Reviewed Bodh project requirement for funding 15 rural, underprivileged girls education through the Manas Ganga Bodhshala/chatralaya. 
      • Aparna ji has met Bodh representative Divya Singh and received all the paperwork. Princeton Chapter has reviewed the project and funding approval is in process. 
      • Need to fund the project by June 20th, 2017 as the school session starts in July. 
      • Durgesh to send Chandruji and the team Bodh project proposal and all paperwork
      • Chandruji to identify status on the funding and next steps with Aparnaji/Uttaraji
    4. Fundraising/Awareness Events
    • Goal is to use the momentum of new members and re-kindle the chapter's awareness by having a kickoff event in mid September at/near Rutgers. Aligns with session start which is helpful for engaging students. 
    • Next chapter meeting to focus on event ideas, venue and execution plan
      • All members to think of suitable chapter 2017 kick off event ideas and bring at least one idea to the table next meeting so we can build a pipeline 
    Date: July 31, 2017 @ 9:00 p.m.
    Location: Webex

    • Chandru Ji 
    • Vilasini Ganesan 
    • Anjali Belani 
    • Rahul Dandu 
    • Durgesh Gupta 
    • Neha Gupta 
    Meeting Minutes

    1. Chapter Status Update
    • We have about 15K funds for allocating to projects. It is recommended we do no zero out our account but target disbursements around 50% of the chapter funds to get staretd
    • cnj@ashanet.org has been transferred over to Neha and being actively checked. Will need to reset the cnj.treasurer, cnj.projects, cnj.webmaster email IDs.
    • As the chapter has been dormant for a while, we do not have a WAH submission this year as it requires approved project that we have a relationship with for 2+ years and is not from 2016. This is something we should aim to be a part of in 2017.
    • Need to submit a chapter budget once we review the 2 existing projects in the pipeline (1 verified and 2nd one came via email). See Item 2 below for details.
    • ACTION ITEM: Complete before August 14
    2. Project Submission/ Funding Review
    • We now have 2 projects in the pipeline for review/consideration. 
      • First project (Bodh Siksha Samiti) has been reviewed initially by the Princeton chapter. All materials circulated to all chapter members. 
        • Durgesh can be the project steward, in fact that is recommended per Aparna from Asha Princeton as she has previously completed site visits and is actively involved.
      • Second project (Kopaye Social Change Society) has submitted a proposal via email.
      • ACTION ITEM: DUE August 8
      • RAHUL:  to use wiki and the Princeton coordinator contact (if needed) to evaluate the projects and identify next steps to approve/fund. 
      • ALL:  to review the Bodh proposal and watch the videos/information provided so we can vote on it next meeting. 
    3. Activate the Rutgers Community
    • As colleges gear up for a re-start, need to make contact with the south asian community and beyond: http://southasia.rutgers.edu/about-mainmenu/student-groups-2
    • They will be good for co-sponsoring events, or providing proceeds from their events to Asha Central and getting Volunteers. For donors, need to keep outreach to adults/working families etc. It will be good to understand from the Asha central treasurer who has been the regular donor base for CNJ in the past few years so we can proactively do outreach to them.
    • ACTION ITEM: Due August 13
      • ANJALI: Create a short list of the top 10 Rutgers Student Organizations to contact
      • NEHA: Create an outreach communication that can be sent to these orgs
    4. CNJ Fundraising Event
    • Targeting end of September/early October, the following ideas are feasible:
      • Concert by Hidden-Gems (http://www.hidden-gems.org/HG_New/home.asp) - they do not charge anything. Just need to book a hall. Can use East Brunswick Community Arts Center possibly. 
      • Garba Night - slightly higher logistics with music, tickets etc.
      • Walkathon/ 5K walk in fall
      • Paint Night (https://artist-people.com/page/11/fundraisers) - might make for a good girls night out and female donors but might have tougher time attracting guys. 
      • To start, let's begin low tech and logistics to get the momentum going. There is a network of volunteers that can be tapped into that were involved in the past. 
    • ACTION ITEM: DUE August 13
      • CHANDRU: Reach out to Partha from hidden gems to see if they are interested
      • DURGESH: Check with the EB Community arts center on rental rates and availablity end of september/early october
      • VILASINI: Reset all facebook accounts and any other social media presence which was used in the past to market events. 
    Next Meeting: August 14th @ 9 P.M. via Webex
  3. why are meeting minutes being posted as comments? how do you organize and search through them at a later point?