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    From: Hina Mehta <hmkmehta@yahoo.com>
    Date: Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 9:40 PM
    Subject: Minutes of Meeting Aug 11, 2013
    To: Radhika Chari <rchari1@yahoo.com>, rashi jain <jainrashi@yahoo.com>, Deborshi Roy <deborshi_roy@yahoo.com>, Hardik Dodia <hcdodia@gmail.com>, Jayesh Patel <patel_jayesh_j@yahoo.com>, Rishi Dhanju <rishidhanju@gmail.com>, Amrita Jayakumar <amrita.jayakumar@gmail.com>, Gaurav Arora <gauravar.arora@gmail.com>, Vaibhav Garg <vaibhavvipingarg@gmail.com>, Sai Mamidi <saikmamidi@gmail.com>, Pragati S <pragati.singh@gmail.com>, Manasa Kamineni <manasa.kamineni@gmail.com>, Nehal Gupta <n.gupta731@gmail.com>

    Dear Asha DC members,
    Welcome to new volunteers. We had a conference call yesterday and here are the minutes of meetings.
    Attendees : Sirish, Hardik, Amrita and Hina
    1) Sirish discussed the progress of Maheshbhai's work and updated on inaugration of residential school. The number of children in school increased from 12 to 25. Deepak Gupta, co-funder of Asha for Education is helping Maheshbhai in his work. Latest progress report was ciculated by email.
    We approved Mahesh fellowship renewal at its current amount of $6170. 

  2. Could you guys please upload the older chapter minutes (pre 2014, if any) on the wiki. You can just upload a zip for archival purposes. 

    If your older meeting minutes used to be on the chapter website, request webmaster@ashanet.org for the zip of your chapter website archives if you don't have one already. If your meeting minutes are on some mailing list please collate them here.