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  • Introduce volunteers
  • Discuss Project funding Proposals
    • SSS
    • SEA (Anjalamal)
  • Fall running program
  • Update on Chapter Financials

Discussion items

10minIntroduce volunteersAll
  • 9 total attendees


SSS Project fundingVibha
  • Vibha gave a background about this project in Patna, Bihar.
  • Funding request is in 2 parts:
    • $50000 specific donation from one donor to create a corpus account for higher education of students.
      • The main discussion regarding this was how we can support this funding that aligns with Asha's
      • This may need to be made as a separate project, with dedicated project proposal.
      • No votes taken for funding for this amount. Will have a separate meeting once the above is clarified.
    • ~$8000 (INR 488000) ~$8257 (INR 545000) for 1 month's operating expenses for 365 students (this includes clothes, computer, labs, books, furniture, rent, boarding, utilities).
      • Vote on funding INR 488000 545000 - 8 Yes, 1 Abstain.
      • 11/16/15 update: modified disbursement amount to be close to the budgeted amount at the beginning of 2015 and also accounting for the current exchange rate.
      • One discussion point that was raised was that this is a sustaining/recurring type of funding and if there are ways in which we could be supported going forward so that there are funds available to start supporting newer projects. This was tabled for discussion at a later meeting.
  • Site visit was done by Give India volunteer in Aug 2015 and is documented here.
25minSEA Anjalamal ProjectSriram
  • Sriram gate a background about this project in Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu.
  • There are 2 projects that the Dallas chapter currently supports.
    • One is an after school non-formal education project (motivation centers)
    • Other is the Anjalamal school for differently abled children.
  • Site visit for Anjalamal school was done by Mr. Prasad. Here are his key observations:
    • Percentage of mentally challenged children in this fisherman community is high.
    • Mr. Desingu of SEA organization started a school for these children about 2 years back.
    • One of the main challenges was the lack of transportation to bring children from interiors to the school. The school setup a van to address this and the children coming to school has increased by more than 100% since then.
    • 2 students from this school has started going to regular school.
    • Significant improvements seen in other children through physiotherapy and other interventions.
    • There is now request to add more children to the school - SEA is currently challenged by lack of resources. Mr. Desingu has gotten land to construct facilities to support this.
  • Anjalamal school was funded ~ INR 7 lakhs by Dallas chapter in Jun 2015. Expect the next request for funds by ~Jan 2016 for between 7 to 9 lakhs.
  • Regarding motivation centers, Sriram is working with SEA to get an update proposal.
10minFall running programDhishan
  • Goal for this year is to get some publicity and energy into the running program.
  • Dhishan to work with Neha on updating website, facebook page etc.

Action items

  • Guru Mathur   Add new volunteers (Dhishan and Pravin) to Asha wiki.
  • Naresh Boga  Clarify with Asha Central how to support funding to create corpus account for SSS.
  • Guru Mathur   Clarify where to upload project documents.

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