ParticipantsRashmi Krishna 


What did we do well?


  • Coordinated logistics for the event
  • Food negotiation
  • Ticket sale
  • Word-of-mouth Marketing was the most effective medium
    • Facebook + Meetup publicity is considered less effective
  • Flyers distribution
  • Ticket Price ($20 for full-price ticket including food) is considered reasonable

What should we have done better?

  • Marketing to ASU students requires better outreach or more reduced prices for students ($13 seemed to hold back some students).
  • Marketing to external Indian associations and reaching out to circles beyond volunteer base.
  • It should be included in ASU's GSPA calendar.
  • It is a great idea to make this our annual signature event, but we need to change location and format of the event -
    Location - ASU is not our best target audience for fundraising. We'd rather approach people who are employed.
    Format - Not everyone enjoy the idea of getting on the dance floor. Publicity of the event should not completely focus on the fact that people need to dance at the event; other staged performances, stalls, food et al. require as much attention.


  • Maulik Nagri - Follow up with DJ Kumar's brother's Mr. Davinder who was willing to donate $1000


  1. Hey Rashmi, Do you want a better tool to track tasks/to-do lists for Asha AZ? We do have a JIRA installation at This same login should work there. I can set you guys up project that you can track with a scrum style board.  

  2. Hi Akshay,

    Thanks , that's a great idea. Can you set us up with a AshaArizona Project ? We can then create cards and track any issues or to-do's. 

  3. Hi Akshay,

    This is Raj, volunteer webmaster at Asha-AZ. Please let me know when you create the project on JIRA. I can add the required sub headings and manage it from there. 


  4. JIRA project has been created.

    Rashmi Krishna is the Project Admin. I can't add more than one admin. Let me know if you want me to reassign.

    Here's your Kanban Board

    Both Rashmi KrishnaVaradaraj Kallur are Admins for the Kanban Board. More can be added by you guys if required. 

    I've configured a very basic workflow and minimalized the number of fields visible on each JIRA issue just to keep things simple. (some chapters complain about see lot of irrelevant fields like "Fix version" etc). If you feel the need for additional workflows, statuses or fields we can revisit. 


    Oh one last thing, same logins should work. And you won't be able to assign issues to others until they have logged into JIRA at least once. 



    1. Akshay Bhole  Thank you, Akshay for setting us up with the board and the project!

      Since Varadaraj Kallur is the Webmaster for our Chapter, you can make him the project admin, instead of me.

      I will continue to be an admin for the Kanban board, along with Raj.

      We will inform the other team members about the board and how they can use it for tracking activities.