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Asha-wide resources for Project Steward


A. Upload Project documents

  1. Go to link:
  2. Click on the projects link on the left panel 

  3. Search for your project 

  4. Click on your project in the right panel 

  5. Click on the “Available Actions” dropdown 

  6. Click on the “Add document” option 

  7. Choose a file and fill out other details 

  8. Click on the save button 

  9. If successfully uploaded, you will see the new document in the current documents list on the right 
as well as on the old Asha website and new website
  10. Click on the uploaded document and you will notice that all links point to same amazon server url similar to this
This is the link we need to provide in checklist. 

B. Wiki access

  1. We all need to have credentials for confluence page. Ask @Akshay Bhole to submit a login request for you. 
  2. Once you have your credentials you access this page: 
Project Funds Disbursement Process
  3. This page explains different procedures and provide different links for FCRA and checklist etc. 

  4. Meetings minutes and poll results are available under Boston Chapter Meeting Minutes. Navigate to your project's meeting minutes and use that link in the checklist.

C. FCRA update

  1. The link to update FCRA document is there on the confluence page mentioned in step B.3 above. 

  2. Or you can directly go to this link:
  3. Please ensure you append the new certificate to the existing certificate and don’t replace it. 

  4. You can get the link to old FCRA certificate from any of the older checklist. Eg:
  5. Here is an example of the FCRA document with the old certificate appended to new one:
  6. Please ensure you have uploaded the latest FCRA before submitting checklist. 

D. Submit checklist

  1. Go to this link: - here you
    can see other checklists as well. Click on any other checklist to see the details. Click on previous years (e.g. 2016 ) to see the previous checklists for the same project. It will be easy to copy-pastethe description and other things.
  2. Read Disbursal Process in Detail Project Funds Disbursement Process
  3. Click on Add a new checklist or go directly to
  4. Ensure “Link to scanned FCRA” shows the latest FCRA document. 

  5. In “Proposal Link” provide the amazon link the document as mentioned in step A.10 above. 

  6. In “Approval Minutes/Poll” provide the link to confluence page as mentioned in step B.5 above. 

  7. Before you submit the checklist, call the project partner and tell them that funds will be coming 
soon. They need to be able to go to the bank to confirm the receipt of funds and issue the formal receipt promptly. If the project partner is traveling or have other issues, then hold off from submitting the checklist. 

  8. After submitting the checklist, please look at the checklist again and make sure the funding details are correct. If there is a change in the bank information, inform Abhyuday from Central treasury immediately. 

  9. Once submitted, you will receive regular email updates from the central teams. Read those emails carefully and follow the instructions. For example, we have only 4 days to confirm the receipt of funds. 

  10. If you need to communicate with the central teams, make sure to reply in the original thread and do not change the subject. This is required for us to keep track of this disbursement. 
  11. Once they receive the funds, they need to issue a proper receipt within a week.
  • Obtain a colored scanned copy of the receipt from the regular receipt book of the FCRA organization (see example at Computer generated printouts are not acceptable (see ).
  • Email it to the chapter or central treasurer. 

  • The project partner should retain the original receipt for their records. 

  • They need to put the exact amount they received in INR (not USD). Exception – Amount received should be in USD if Asha is transferring money to a non-profit in the US.
  • Make sure that the receipt is issued in the name of Asha for Education (only). 

  • If the project partner wants to put an address it should be Asha's official address (not the local address for your chapter)
    340 S Lemon Ave, Ste 
2742, Walnut, CA 91789
  • They must have a revenue stamp on the receipt (exempt for Karnataka based projects).


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