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Delhi Statement Government Initiatives

Delhi government schools outperform private schools  

Here is a report.

Is this data jujitsu (and changed population --> hardworking lower middle class being forced to move from private to govt. schools due to private school shutdown)?

Asha Delhi volunteer Rohini's perspective:

I think the whole thing is, as usual, a mixed bag.  Manish Sisodia is keen on improving the Delhi Government Schools.  So the government has invested a lot in infrastructures. There are smart boards, computers, teacher training abroad etc.  And of course for the past couple of years we have been hearing via newspapers that Delhi Government schools have outperformed private schools.  But has it really improved the school situation?  I doubt it.  I have been associated with Concern for Humanity for the past 14 years. <.......>  and I now know most of the children. The thing is that the reading parameters have remained the same.  Ditto for the mathematics. The children still need tuition.  Yes, they are able to read more fluently now but the understanding of the concept is still not there.  For the 9th and 10th class, the science classes are abysmal so much so that most of the children prefer not to opt for science in class XI.  So while the infrastructure has improved and there more curricular activities (one of the girls at Concern for Humanity told me that she has joined NCC and they do horse riding as part of NCC), the parameters on which we would judge the education has remained the same.  Also, the resources are spread uneven. So every school has not improved.
That said, at least AAP is trying to do something and they should be lauded.

NGO intervention in Delhi

This  ( results of a govt. school intervention by a UK NGO) that was rolled out in Delhi and UP a few years ago, building on the program started in September 2018 in TN (some districts in TN -- 34 districts in Delhi/UP/Karnataka/TN).  The Delhi/UP STIR experiments have been underway for a few years results here

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  1. With a 90.68 pass percentage, these schools outperformed not only the private institutions (pass percentage 88.35 per cent) but also the overall pass percentage of 83.01 per cent.

    Where did the Hindustan Times reporter learn Maths or reporting or both? (smile)

    How can the overall pass percentage be 83.01 if the government schools have 90.68 and private schools have 88.35 pass percentages? Is there are third type of school that is really bad? Or did the reporter mix up the overall and private school percentages?

    These kinds of statistics really bug me.