Minutes of the meeting

Attendees : (Bharath, Ranga, Mary, Aravind Rao)

1.     Last meeting - March 2013

a.     No meeting since then, status quo

2.     Chapter revival

a.     Revive the chapter in small scale

b.    Deadline of end of the year 2014 for regular chapter activity

                                          i.    Meet once a month, first Sunday of each month

                                         ii.    Participate in Asha-wide efforts and ARC

                                        iii.    Search for good projects and rightly disburse the present Asha-Austin funds (~70k)

                                        iv.    If status quo (same as #1), then, we give back the funds collected to Asha-central and formally close down the chapter

             v.   Seed money to start later can be requested from Asha-central

c.     Projects selection

                                          i.    Chapter to be on the lookout for project proposals

                                         ii.    Provide seed money to very good ideas

                                        iii.    Central treasury actually contacted Bharath with new project proposals

                                        iv.    Strict to get FCRA permission for totally new Asha projects

d.    New volunteers

                                          i.    Article on South Asian

                                         ii.    Facebook publicity

                                        iii.    Need to attract new volunteers

                                        iv.    Evaluation of new project proposals will generate enthusiasm and improve chapter activity


3.     Action items:

a.     Regular meeting over the next month

b.    Volunteer for Facebook publicity needed

c.     Bharath to contact South Asian about article on Asha-Austin

d.    Bharath, Ranga and Aravind Rao to look for new projects

e.     All chapter volunteers encouraged to come forward with project proposals

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