Attendees : Mohit, Raga, Sowmya, Ranga

  1. Checklist updates
    1. Checklists for Cuddalore disaster relief, Girirajpura and Mathru were approved. 
    2. Partners confirmed receipt of funds
    3. Receipts for Girarajpura has been uploaded. Others will be uploaded soon
    4. Generally, the central treasury team needs a verbal confirmation from partner within 4 days that funds were wired to the right account. Receipts can follow up later. 
  2. Inter-Chapter transfers and central funds from R&R 
    1. Asha Austin acknowledge ICT to Asha Athens based on earlier discussions. 
    2. For other ICTs, we had decided on conditional approval of GF for flood relief in Cuddalore.  
    3. Asha wide Meeting on Dec 3rd happened on Tamil Nadu Flood relief
    4. Link to Meeting Minutes 
    5. Everyone voted on the same day for approving funds to provided from GF for Relief efforts
    6. Action items 
      1. Mohit to initiate an ICT for Relief funds. 
      2. Ranga to ask Toledo and St. Louis to initiate ICT from Asha Austin. 
  3. Website updates and launch. FB updates, Newsletter etc.
    1. Raga and Mohit talked about some updates needed
      1. Link to Meeting Minutes on Asha Wiki
      2. Add Cuddalore project 
      3. Add a Chapter financials details
      4. Other IRS filings are done by the Central Team and Asha as one organization. We can add a link to that as well. 
    2. Ranga suggested that we should write up a newsletter now that we have been active for a year
    3. Mohit has made all active volunteers "Editors" of Asha for Education - Austin FB page. We should all keep posting on the FB page to keep folks aware of Asha Austin activities. There are about 250+ people who have liked the page. Its an easy and more effective way of reaching out to people. 
  4. Picking up new projects
    1. Ranga suggested that we can start looking at new projects for Asha Austin. There are several Chapters who are looking to disburse excess funds. It should not be hard to get them funded from the bigger Chapters like Seattle, SV, and NY. We could also possibly look into getting some older projects funded from these Chapters. 
    2. Mohit had spoken to Geethapriya who recently moved to San Diego about bringing back Prasanna Jyoti. She was keen on Stewarding it. 
    3. Raga is also keen in picking up a project. 
    4. Action item - Ranga to send Raga some pointers and example projects to look at. 
  5. Cuddalore Disaster Relief - Update
    1. Sowmya spoke to Siddamma a couple of times. 
    2. Siddamma was stuck in Chennai (her hometown) since the recent floods also affected Chennai
    3. The water receded a few days back. 
    4. They have started disbursing the relief material. 
    5. Due to the recent floods, electricity was lost to the village. Since these areas have snakes, it is unsafe to move around in dark. Siddamma asked if she could use some of the funds for buying Solar powered lamps for Irula families. 
    6. Sowmya had checked with the volunteers verbally same day. Everyone is OK with it and understand changing needs 
    7. Other than that, funds are being used for tarps (to provide cover/roof over the head)
    8. Q - The original budget had listed need for food items. How are they managing food ?
      A - Government has provided Rs. 4000 - 5000 to each flood affected family. Families have used this money to buy supplies. 
    9. Q - How are they meeting their need for clean water
      A - They use Ground water for water. So far they do not need any support for that. 
    10. Q - Where are lamps being bought from ?
      A - These lamps will be bought from Savitha's company, Orora Global. They cost INR 2500 each. Savitha is a former Asha Austin volunteer.
    11. Action items for Sowmya
      1. Is there any need for Sanitary pads ?
      2. Get an updated budget so that the Chapter can formally approve it. 
      3. We can then update the Central Team about the changes. 
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