Murali's update on Girirajpura visit

  1. Murali visited Girirajpura recently. 
  2. The village is new setup community that is 5 km from the main road that goes to Tonk. Its near Amli Railway Station, Rajasthan. 
  3. We looked at pictures from Kilol 2015. Its a sport meet organized by GSK that happened in Girirajpura this time. 
  4. Facebook link to photos.
  5. All GSK schools participate and nearby schools are also invited
  6. We then talked about Asha SV's plan with GSK. 
  7. Asha SV would be phasing out from Bodal school in the next few years.
  8. Asha SV is going to look at - Vistaar and other amount for the school. 
    1. Vistaar - is a program launched by GSK that empowers mothers to become "Education Agents". They are trained by GSK and given a badge. This gives them confidence and knowledge to go ask questions in the schools their kids are going. 
    2. Asha SV will be looking at funding Girirajpura. The process has not started there. 
  9. Maneesh is moving into a different role. They hired Harish to manage the schools. He is very knowledgable in Indian education system.  

Action items :

  1. Mohit: Get a latest budget for the school from Manish and put up for vote. 

Mathru Foundation - Arvind Rao

Arvind provided answers to questions asked on 11th Jan 2015 meeting

  1. Why does the foundation prefer to have the children stay at the foundation home versus commuting daily to school for kids who are from Bangalore ?
    1. As discussed, the parents of the children are from very poor backgrounds. They are not always punctual in dropping the children to school. It is better for the kids to be in the foundation.
  2. If a child does not want to stay at the foundation, but wants to stay with parents, does the foundation offer school fees and support to the child ?
    1. One is Hindupur, one in Bangalore; sending 3000 per month. Both kids have Muscular dystrophy. Life of these kids is short. Kids staying with parents. Malathi visits them, and supports them with money.
  3. What activities do children do together after school?## Play Cricket, chess, carom board - Mainly on weekends.
    1. Busy in Science Program and participate in debates.
    2. Yoga in the (morning and evening). They do their homework and go for walks.
  4. Are the schools disable friendly? Do they have ramps, toilets, etc. for the disabled children? ## Facilities are not there. Urinal box is there. Trained them to make friends to help them out with the urinal box.
  5. How are the schools chosen for kids? Why are the children going to different schools?## Some kids go to govt. school. Some kids go to English school. Some kids go to college. Kids are sent to the schools based on their capacity.
  6. How does the drop off/pick up to school work? It must be time consuming to drop each child to different school every morning.## Since it is an important criteria to educate the kids, this is mandatory. No choice even if it takes time.
  7. Elaborate on Long-term plan for sustainable institution.## Currently, complete the 3 floor building and ensure that they can support as many kids as possible through education and providing them a home and make them stand on their own feet.
  8. How does the foundation pick its staff?## Word of mouth.
  9. What controls are in-place to make sure that staff takes good care of children?## No controls; based on past experience they are doing a very good job. Malathiji travels a lot and the kids are with the 3 staff members all the time. They do a good job in taking care of the children. Malathi ji has full confidence in them.

Vote on Mathru Foundation

Vote :  Approve support for Mathru Foundation - a minimum support 6k every year for next 3 years. Approve $10k funding for current fiscal year.  
Votes : 5 Yes. 0 No. 0 Abstain.

Action items

  1. Arvind : Get the checklist going.
  2. Arvind: As part of checklist, get a site visit report from Padmanava

Khusboo Welfare Society - Proposal for Infrastructure Development : Ranga

The proposal documents from KWS are uploaded here. 

  1. With Excess funds to disburse, it make sense for Asha Austin to look at projects that need funds. We are open to looking at Infra projects. We are also open to look at new projects
  2. Asha Austin has experience in working with KWS in the past.
  3. Ranga explained the proposal. 
  4. Their budget is 75 lacs. They have received 35 lacs. from Swiss Non-profit. 


  1. Commodity prices have gone down. Has their budget been revised according to that ?
  2. What is the timeline of construction on a per section basis ? 
    1. When is the foundation finished ?
    2. When is each section finished ?
    3. When will the rooms be painted ?
    4. When will they be furnished ?
  3. What is the priority of construction, since they do not have all the funds to build
  4. We need a detailed budget for different aspects of construction ...
    1. How many rooms ?
    2. How will the rooms be used ?
    3. Cost for making each room / section
    4. Cost of furnishing each room / section

Action items

  1. Ranga : Get answer to the questions
  2. Ranga : Come up with a funding plan - phased funding based on progress. 

Chapter Financial Planning

  1. The financial planning documents are available here - link
  2. We looked at the Chapter Financial Planning sheet. 
  3. Evaluated different possible scenarios.
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