Attendees - Ranga, Bharath, Mohit, Vikram and Sowmya

Siddamma's Fellowship - Vikram and Sowmya
A) Supporting 20-25 new Irula (tribe) villages
1) 20 to 25 new villages have contacted S for help
2) The support request generally falls under these specific categories
   + Bonded labor, salary issues, slavery,  
   + Awareness of their rights and privileges as a citizen, ration, kids education
   + Accidental death and injury, threats, legal cases and abuse cases
3) She is well known and is generally reach out for help. The specific issues will be known in the coming weeks/ months to then cater to the most urgent needs
4) She will send us the list of the villages by December 11
5) Generally she trains a bunch of self-starters and guides them to then take over their community and handle the local effort where it is possible. 
6) It generally takes 2-4 years from the time a village approaches her. 
7) However, the progress duration is getting compressed with experience
8) Some issues (that ASHA may be interested):
Sumangali Chitta: Young girls are sent for work with a promise of taking care of their weddings when they grow older. Leads to exploiting and child labor, 
B) Un-Organized Worker's federation (UOWF)
1) Siddamma is an advisor to the UOWF
2) UOWF is membership based union that meets regularly to:
+ Promote workers' rights
+ Educate workers on government schemes  
+ Control human rights abuse
3) She to send out a report on social impact of the work done by them
C) Bharathi Trust Resource Center (Farm)
1) 2-3 officials from TN Agriculture Dept generally bring seniors and others to the farm to learn and observe the procedures
2) TN Agri Dept regularly buys 40-50 k INR worth of seems/ rice from BTRC farm
3) Last year's produce include Tuvar daal, Wheat and black gram
4) She has a man that tends the cows-which are essential for an organic farm. This has been a difficult proposition
5) She has been invited to the government Rice Research center in Thirvuur for a meeting on the 9th december
+ It will be attended by scientists and farmers and industry officials to discuss issues, best practices and the likes
6) BTRC has been able to spread the Organic word to the local farmers 
7) But regulations and incentives favor cash crops like sugar cane an dithers that rely on chemical pesticides 
8) government is leaning towards GMO and mor epeople like Namalvar may be needed to do go towards non-GMO organic future
9) TN (unlike Kerala and Karnataka) seems to have no strict zoning which allows only farmers to buy farm lands. This is leading to lesser farmers and farm land and more migration towards other sectors( crick , construction, etc
1. How did Siddamma support herself in the past couple of years ?2. Generally, the fellowship is for personal expenses.
Actions - 
1. Mohit - Find out what amount is provided to Fellows. 
Girirajpura School - Update : Mohit
Discussed likely funding situation with Asha Austin. Asha Austin coming off from a tough time, being small number of volunteers and low capacity to fundraise, we may only be able to support upto $6k budget. He is OK with Asha Austin funding $6k. He also understands Asha Austin cannot be a big funding agency. Murali had already made him aware of that. Maneesh mentioned that he will be meeting GSK partners in January. He will put forth Girarjpura also for partial support. So, its likely that GSK Partners will support the remainder amount. Some of the partners are Yatra foundation (australian - 2 schools, and sports etc in all school), Michael helsley Foundation 
Ques. How are you providing salaries to the teachers ? What is the current funding resource ? 
Ans. Contribution from parents  + funds in reserve - 1 teacher, helsley foundation - 1 teacher from jaganpura (sponsored by helsley foundation). Once funding comes in, they will hire a new teacher for jaganpura school. 15 teachers jaganpura (225)
Ques. What is involved in legal formalities ? What is the current understanding between Uday Girirajpura, villagers, forest department about ownership of the land and use of it. Ans. legal formalities - affiliation to rajasthan board. everything belongs to the village. They have been asked by the forest dept and villagers to provide education.
Ques. Is the increase in number of students shown per year estimated based on migration rate ? 
Ans. # of children based on the relocation plan decided by local administration
Ques. Original budget was 5.17 lakh but in the new sheet its 6.25 lakh. What was the reason for increase ?
Ans. He was travelling so did not know the exactly why. More likely it was to keep salaries consistent with other schools.  
- What is the motivation behind being a resource center ?
- Who will conduct government teacher workshop ? Who pays for it ?
- Who will be running the training centre ? What is the plan for that ?
Ans. Resource Center concept is for GSK in general. GSK's goal is not to open and run more and more schools. Their goal is to set examples in education for govt. school teachers. They can implement ideas, innovating ways of teaching. Govt. teachers are invited to come. Govt does not send them, they come on their own free will. The resource center is done by GSK at location where schools exist. Depending on the capacity and capability of the school and its teacher, they can also organize these workshops. Typically these would be organized at the school itself.
Questions/Comments - 
1. Asha SV is phasing out with Sawai Madhopur since the school is being transitioned to govt. What is Asha SV's plan with Girirajpura school ? 
2. Would like GSK to be transparent about their funding. When the contribution from Partners come in, would like to know what part of their budget is being supported by them.
3. How RTE going to impact ?
One time funding for Infrastructure Project - Khushboo Welfare Society : Ranga
"One new area we have embarked upon is adaptation of the products, tools and appliances emanating from developments in Assistive Technologies, to supplement the human training efforts for enhancing communication skills, learning, mobility, and to cope with activities of daily living. For this we are working together with a leading similar institution for children with special needs in UK - The Ash Field Academy.Under this ambitious program we are creating an appropriately equipped 'Assistive Technologies Assessment and Application Unit' where the typical special needs of individuals for the state-of-the-art tools to enhance their capacity to compensate as much of their impairments as possible could be assessed, they are trained in their use and eventually the aids provided to them to enhance their overall quality of life. This unit is intended to serve not only our own pupils but also to be thrown open to children from other institutions in this region.This project would need a good amount of investment in infrastructure of additional space, equipment, training of our people etc. I would like to know from you whether you could consider raising some funds for constructing the addition of about 3000 sq. ft of additional building space which we want to take-up immediately, to cover the needs for this project and also to ease space crunch for our other recent additions like setting-up of preschool for children <6yrs, program for overnight stay to develop independence and social skills, Art based therapy program, multimedia training, indoor play area etc.For this we need to fill in the uncovered gap of about INR 2,500,000 as of now.Can you kindly bring this into your consideration to cover by whatever extent possible? I know this is a tough expectation; but would be grateful for whatever best can be done."
1. Need a better understanding of the project.
2. What is the shortfall amount ?
3. What is the current source of funding ?
4. What is the timeline ?

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