(Mohit, Ranga, Aravind Rao)

1. Humana People to People (Past Project)

  • Someone contacted Asha Austin and had raised concerns about Humana's as an organization.
  • Apparently, there top leaders have been associated with money laundering, fraud, and tax evasion.
  • Austin chapter had stopped funding this project in Early 2013 due to lack of funds
  • Atlanta chapter stopped funding in 2012 due to lack of funds
  • Have made Asha Central aware so that this concern is communicated to all chapters. Chapters should carefully review Humana before considering

2. Mathru Foundation (Arvind Rao)

  • Arvind Rao in touch with Padmanava and the project
  • Expected proposal next week

3. Girirajpura (Mohit)

  • Murali and Mohit called Manish
  • Manish gave a detailed history of the community that is being moved
  • The village(s) is gujjar community (animal rearing, grazing in forest etc)
  • the forest dept has been asking them to move for the last 30 years or so
  • the forest dept came up with a plan 3-4 years where they gave 10lakhs for every adult to vacate their land
  • GSK's founders have been working with these villages since 1994 to help them understand govt policy on forests and relocation etc
  • gujjars wanted to move their entire village, but the forest dept just wanted to give money
  • some took money and moved, but they are having difficulty settling down in the new place
  • the District Collector helped find some land that the communities could move to, and now the 23+35 families have settled in Girirajpura (DC's name was Giriraj)
  • the village is 40km from SWM office, it's in the Tonk district
  • villagers are now happy in the new village with rivers nearby and safer than the forest, they also got more land than they had previously
  • the forest dept is now planning to move another 60 families to this village
  • some kids used to study at GSK Bodal
  • GSK asked the village to ask the govt to start a school, but the Govt is reluctant to open new schools (in fact, just this year the Rajasthan govt has closed 17000 schools in the state, merged with other schools).
  • the forest dept has given 15 acres of land with a 3 room building to the community for common use (for GSK school etc)
  • school started in feb
  • 50+ children, 2 teachers (both are senior GSK teachers with 2 and 3 years experience)
  • girirajpura is RTE-compliant
  • currently using money from consultancy to run the school
  • expect about 10 years for school to be community managed
  • RTE has a clause where the govt will pay for children when there are no govt schools
  • Closest primary school is 4km away in Amli across railway tracks
  • some kids have preschooling or primary school in Bodal, but they have not had any schooling for over 2 years
  • goal is to become a resource center for 25 schools in the district
  • It is not clear how they will transition from a school teaching 55 children to a resource school with 20-25 govt schools in the area. Along with around 200 more children coming to the village** Action - Manish to put together 5 year plan, milestones and risks
  • How is the current school RTE compliant ?** Action - Asha-Austin to understand RTE compliance for general guidelines concerning all schools

4. ARC cycle (Mohit)

  • Missed ARC cycle #1 (end of May)** Working capital ratio - 1.5x for each chapter*** If total project disbursal = $10k, we can have $15k in account at year end.
      • This will become effective in 2016
    • If chapter is compliant for 2 years, you can get up to 50% or 25k funds for 3rd year if your WCR < 1 due to bad fundraising year
    • Virtual Chapters -  No physical location***  10 people across the globe to form a virtual chapter
  • Current ARC cycle** Organizational overhead policy*** Not zero overhead
      • Accounting for admin funds
    • ARC non-compliance reform*** If non compliant, chapter dormant -> inactive
    • Feedback from chapters by Sept 30
    • Voting deadline mid-November
  • Action : Asha-Austin to have an ARC representative
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