Attendees : Raga, Sowmya, Ranga and Mohit

  1. Asha Austin New Website 
    1. Raga has joined us recently and has shown interest in working on the Website
    2. Action items 
      1. Mohit to send out details to Raga related to login/password.
  2. Disaster Relief Proposal & Voting - Sowmya
    1. We reviewed the proposal created by Sowmya. 
    2. Link to the proposal in Asha Austin's Google drive
    3. It lists the number of families and villages in Cuddalore Area
    4. It also gives a budget of the current needs - mostly food supplies and bedding
    5. Procedure for Asha Relief and Rehab
      1. Asha has, as a part of the Treasury policies, set aside a fixed sum to support relief and rehab efforts for projects affected by calamities. 

      2. Asha supports Relief and Rehabilitation Efforts due to disasters under these circumstances -

        • The event has caused considerable damage to the project stakeholders (project infrastructure, teachers/workers or student families) or surrounding areas.
        • The relief and rehab proposal has been vetted and approved by the chapter that supports the project.
        • The proposal is sent to Asha-wide groups for review atleast 48 hours before an Asha-wide call discusses and approves the relief and rehab proposal.
        • The call minutes and decisions are sent to Asha-wide groups for additional votes or questions.
        • A follow-up of the funds utilization is updated on the project page and circulated to Asha-wide groups as soon as possible.
      3. The Chapter can transfer funds to the project as soon as the project is discussed and approved at the chapter level from the chapter funds. If the proposal is approved in the Asha-wide calls, then the chapter will be reimbursed for the approval amount from General Funds. If not, the chapter should be prepared to support the relief and rehab efforts from it's own funds.
    6. Asha wide conference call is scheduled on Nov 29th. Deadline to send out proposal is 48 hrs. 
    7. Vote : Approve Disaster Relief for 520 Irula families in Cuddalore area in Tamil Nadu affected by recent flooding due to torrential rains
      1. YES - 4
      2. NO  - 0
      3. ABSTAIN - 0
    8. Questions
      1. For Central Team - How long will it take typically after the call to get funds disbursed ?
      2. For Siddamma - How urgent are the funds needed ? If the Central Team is going to take longer, the Chapter can release funds and then wait for approval by Central Team 

    9. Action items
      1. Sowmya to update the proposal with 
        1. More background on relationship of Siddamma with Irula families. 
        2. Add notes about Savitha's site visit
      2. Sowmya to ask Siddamma about the urgency of funds and how it is going to be distributed and the funds utilization will be reported. 
      3. Mohit/Sowmya to send out the proposal to Asha Central with questions about when the funds will be disbursed after the conf. call on Nov 29th. 
  3. WCR compliance for Asha Austin - Ranga and Mohit
    1. We gave the Chapter an update about Working Capital Ratio
    2. Explained how it works. Here is the Asha Wiki link to it. 
    3. We had a recent Asha wide call where concerns were heard by the Central Team 
    4. Asha Austin has already raised a concern about 2014 being considered for WCR, 
    5. We were coming out of Dormancy towards the end of 2014 and we started funding 2 projects and 1 fellowship at the beginning of 2015. 
    6. We suggested to the Central Team that we would like them to consider 2015 only for evaluating WCR. The response from the everyone has been positive
    7. We have also provided Central Team with a plan to meet WCR for 2015. - contribute to other Chapter or WAH
    8. So far the response has been very supportive. 
    9. Link to Asha Austin Financial planning sheet.
    10. Asha Austin 2015 Budget summary 
      1. Starting balance - $105.5k (Approx)
      2. Austin Projects Budget - $26.5k
        • Funds Disbursed till date - $15.8k
        • Remaining Funds to be disbursed this year - $10.7k 
      3. Total 2015 disbursal needed to meet WCR of 1.5 - $42.5k
      4. We need to disburse $16k to meet WCR of 1.5 (for 2015 only)
    11. Ranga reviewed projects supported by Asha Toledo and WAH projects.
    12. Link to his proposal. The projects marked WHITE are the ones we will be supporting.
    13. Ranga's original proposal was to do a inter-Chapter transfer to Asha Toledo and contribute to WAH campaign
    14. Asha Toledo has a really low WCR of 0.32. Asha Toledo has two projects that are relatively new. This aligns with Austin's Chapter vision of supporting newer initiatives. 
    15. On the WAH projects, we considered 3 factors 
      1. Pick project from a Chapter has low WCR - Toledo, Athens, and St. Louis all have WCR of less than 1.5
      2. Prefer a newer initiative
      3. We also looked at the possible shortfall each project might have after fundraising. Imagine $130k raised through WAH. 
      4. Contribute about 50% of the shortfall. 
    16. After some further discussion, we concluded that it is best to do Inter-Chapter transfer so that Chapters have a choice in how to use the funds 
    17. Our preference is to utilize the funds towards projects that we have identified. 
    18.  Vote : Transfer $8000 to Asha Toledo to be used preferably towards 2 projects - Snehalaya and Saron Jeehovah
      1. YES - 4, NO - 0, ABSTAIN - 0
    19. Vote : Transfer $6000 to Asha St. Loius to be used preferably towards - Hope Public Charitable Trust
      1. YES - 4, NO - 0, ABSTAIN - 0
    20. Vote : Transfer $3000 to Asha Athens to be used preferably towards - Kalyani Prayas Center
      1. YES - 4, NO - 0, ABSTAIN - 0
    21. Action items 
      1. Mohit to send out an update on Asha Austin's plan
      2. Ranga to speak to each of these Chapters about our decisions
  4. Update and Voting on Projects (2nd disbursal) - Mohit and Arvind
    1. We are waiting on feedback from Girirajpura. Likely have it ready by next week
    2. We are waiting on site visit by Padmanava. Likely have it next week
    3. We will vote on 2nd disbursal next week. 


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