List of discussion topics at chapter meeting:

(A) Collaboration with We-Flap: Contact Mohit Sood

We-Flap is organizing a Chai-N-Chat event on June 25th. I think Mary had emailed the group about the event earlier. I wanted to know what you all think about (in an Asha meeting) -
1. Having a table at the event (free if we do a cultural table, otherwise $25) - I have more detailed requirements for cultural table. It feels like a lot of work but if anyone is interested in doing it, I can share that information. We cannot sell food at the event. I will check if we can sell Asha Merchandise so that there is a way to recover the cost of the table if we are not doing a cultural table. Another option is to just go there as individuals to have a presence at the event (entry is $5).
2. Becoming associated with We-Flap.
We Flap is an organization that is trying to bring together NGOs. It feels like they are doing something similar to Asha for Education but that is just an initial assessment. I will try to find out more information from them as to how Asha for Education can benefit from it and what would they need from us.

(B) Non-profit Standard Bulk Mail Rate: Contact Rahul Rao

We are currently looking at what is the best chapter to take ownership of this. SV, Austin, Dallas are being considered as potential chapters to take this up.
The work involved includes:

1. Printing out all receipts. We will not be responsible for receipt creation. Someone from another chapter and/or the asha wide treasury team will take responsibility of sending you a pdf of the receipt

2. Folding it . We can look into getting automatic folders as well

3. Sorting it by zip code. We can look into arranging the pdf pages by zip code to facilitate this sorting.

4. Taking it to the post-office
Doing this once a quarter (4 times a year).
Do you think this is something Austin should take up. We would need one person to take responsibility of this completely for a one-year time frame. Are you willing to be that person?
If yes, send a reply to me (with this note) by 6/1/2011.
If you know of someone else who might be interested, send me their email address.

(C) Measuring Project Effectiveness: Contact Shankar Sadasivam

What we need from you now*:* Take a look at the attached files, and have a discussion both with your chapter volunteers, and most importantly with the concerned project partner to see if they would be interested in participating in this evaluation. At this point, the most important thing we would like to stress upon is a buy-in from project partner, and we certainly do not want to impose the testing methodology on anyone unwilling. Hindi speaking projects are preferred, but not necessary.

The current plan is to try and see how this works with *one* of our projects, and if everything goes well, and people like the idea, expand our efforts further. But for now, we are only thinking of one. If you have a candidate to propose for this project, please write back to us at

(D) Web Fundraising – Non-SOH: Contact Charanya Ravikumar
Utilizing Registry of Hope:

For each of the listing, a page per event is created in the respective chapter’s web space.


Support needed: 1 dedicated web-person

Would anyone be interested in volunteering?

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