Attendees : Ranga, Arvind Rao, Mohit

  1. Girirajpura School (GSK) - Vote Results & Update on Maneesh Pandey
    1. Voting took place online. Results are captured here - link 
    2. Results Summary 
      1. Do you approve Asha Austin supporting Uday Pathshala, Girirajpura (Rajasthan) for next 3 years ? 

        1. Yes - 3, No - 0, Abstain - 1
      2. Do you approve Rs. 824040($13178.43) for the year 2015-16 ?

        1. Yes - 4, No - 0, Abstain - 0

      3. Do you approve a minimum commitment of 2 teacher's salaries for 2016-17 and 2017-18 pending updates and site visits ?

        1. Yes - 4, No - 0, Abstain - 0

    3. Update on Maneesh Pandey : Maneesh Pandey informed us that he is leaving GSK. Maneesh has been part of GSK since its inception and has been one of the pillars in GSK's success. He also has been the main point of contact for Asha for Education over the years. Maneesh is moving to one of GSK's funding partners, where he will get to work on broader areas. GSK president Sachin has stepped in to play his role till they find a suitable candidate to replace him. They have already started identifying possible candidates. Their goal is find someone in next 3 months. From our experience with other NGOs in India (like KWS), this does happen once in a while. Great talent is always in demand and can be hard to retain forever. GSK as an organization is pretty solid with experienced teachers, so I am confident that they will endure this change. 
  2. Mathru Foundation update
    1. Arvind uploaded all the project related documents on Mathru Foundation website -
    2. He going to work on project checklist. 
  3. KWS Infrastructure project update 
    1. There is newly opened window of corporate participation in social endeavors pushed by the new CSR laws in India.
    2. They have since decided to extended their infrastructural development plans from the most immediate needs on piecemeal basis, to a major expansion plan to cater for our future growth in a wholesome manner.
    3. They are planning to raise their overall investment estimate to a level of Rs 16 millions from the earlier Rs 7.5 millions on the basic civil work.  
    4. They would get back to us with a proposed plan. 


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