Attendees : Arvind, Ranga, Mohit

  1. Review efforts on Volunteer strengths
    1. Organizing a meet and greet with Asha volunteers.
      1. Invited Former volunteers
      2. Invite people on Facebook - Post on Asha Austin & Austin Desi groups
    2. A student from UT Austin was interested in volunteering with Asha Austin. Invited him to join us
  2. Chapter Treasurer - Election
    1. Arvind volunteered to help out with Chapter Treasurer role. 
    2. Vote on Arvind as Asha Austin - Chapter Treasurer
      1. Yes - 3
      2. No - 0
      3. Request input from Sowmya and Vikram since they were not present in the meeting
  3. New ARC on Update to Asha By-laws 
    1. Feedback phase II is ending on Sept 30th, 2015. 
    2. Mohit to send out a summary in case there is further feedback from volunteers. 
  4. Other updates 
    1. Need to start getting updates on projects for second disbursal 
    2. WAH is collecting proposals from all Chapters
      1. Asha Austin projects need to be active for one year before putting it up for WAH
    3. Talks about where to hold Asha's 25th Anniversary. 



at Asha Austin 

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