Attendees : Ranga, Sowmya, Mohit, Raga, Arvind

  1. Disaster Relief Update 
    1. Asha Austin initiated a checklist for INR 1.35 Lakhs on Nov 25th after our last decision.
    2. 3 volunteers from Asha Austin - Ranga, Sowmya and Mohit dialed into the Asha wide call. There were folks from Asha Florida also but no one from Asha Centrla joined. Possibly some emergency happened
    3. Mohit had emailed the Cuddalore Disaster Relief proposal to from email but apparently no one received it. Ranga is going to send the proposal out to the mailing list. 
    4. Asha Austin was relying on this call to get approval from Central team and thereafter send remaining funds (INR 6.38 lakhs) directly from General Funds.
    5. Since, that did not happen, can we disburse remaining approved funds (INR 6.38 lakhs) from Asha Austin and then follow up with Central team to get reimbursement from General Funds. 
      1. YES - 5 
      2. NO - 0
      3. ABSTAIN - 0
    6. Action : Sowmya to initiate a second checklist for the remaining funds. 
  2. WCR compliance for Asha Austin 
    1. All disbursals need to be done by Nov 30th, 2015. 
    2. To meet WCR, we had decided on doing Inter Chapter Transfers while getting Relief funds from Central Team/ARC. 
    3. Abhyuday (Central Treasury Team) sent instructions for ICTs. 
    4. Since we are going to disburse the relief funds from Asha Austin and we do not know if and when we will get reimbursement for it from General Funds. We may want to hold off on Inter Chapter Transfer till we have an approval on the reimbursement on Relief. Is everyone OK with this ?
      1. YES - 5
      2. NO - 0
      3. ABSTAIN - 0
  3. Update on GSK - Girirajpura  (2nd disbursal)
    1. Answer to questions -
      1. Q- We appreciate GSK being accurate about their funds utilization. We were wondering, why 5 month utilization it is about 80% of the funds. Does GSK still plan to utlize the remaining funds ?
        A - The funds for Kilol, Intra-school activities, and books were not utilized since those typically happen early part of the year.
      2. Q. Can GSK provide a Girirajpura School specific progress report. 
        A. Mohit sent out two reports - one is a general GSK progress report and other is more specific to Girirajpura.
      3. Q. Has GSK found a replacement for Maneesh Pandey
        A. Since they are suffering from a shortfall on funds, they are holding off on hiring a new director. 
    2. Arvind had set up an online vote for Girirajpura during the past week
      1. Girirajpura School Vote
    3. Action item - Mohit to setup the checklist for Girirajpura. 
  4. Update on Mathru Foundation (2nd Disbursal)
    1. The central team requires a site visit at least every 18 months, so we are good on that.
    2. Arvind is going to get back on the fund utilization report
    3. Arvind had setup an online vote for Mathru during the past week
    4. Action item - Arvind to setup the checklist for Girirajpura. 
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