Attendees: Ranga, Sowmya, and Mohit

  1. Increasing Volunteer Strenth
    1. Figure out upcoming events where we can publicize.
    2. Facebook publicity - update about projects, post on austin desi pages
    3. Invite old volunteers for a Oct 3rd Lunch. 
      1. Mohit to send an email 
      2. We can meet at Ronald McDonald, spend 30 mins updating about Asha Austin and then go for lunch
    4. Talking points with new volunteers
      1. We have 3 ongoing projects and good financial standing. 
      2. We need volunteers to help us with website, publicity (Asha Austin & WAH)
      3. We meet every 2 weeks. We have dial-in and screen share options for remote volunteers.
  2. 2015 ARC Cycle 2 - Feedback Phase 1
    1. We are tabling the amendments to Asha's Bylaws again in this ARC cycle with a more comprehensive coverage on Operating Procedures, updates to Organization wide policies and as a whole defining a legal structure within Asha. 
    2. Conference Call : There was a conference call to provide an overview. 
      1. Here is the link to the slides presented during the call. 
      2. A recording of the call with the US chapters is available here
    3. ARC Proposal : link to ARC proposal is here
      1. The main page has links to all the policies that we will need to vote on. 
      2. Collectively, we will be able to update Organization wide policies to be in line with our current operating procedures, ratify and adopt them through an ARC vote towards the end of the year
      3. To improve readability, edits to existing policies have been noted in RED and new additions to policies will be in BLUE
      4. Do note that many of these policies were passed in previous ARC cycles. Minor updates to some have been made in this iteration to be inline with the overall update to Bylaws. We hence need to be ratify them through ARC as part of a comprehensive update. 
      1. As with all ARC discussions, updating Asha's legal structure is particularly crucial to our organization's functioning. 
      2. Do make sure you go through them, give your feedback and help shape the proposal into an effective final version.
  3. Chapter Website
    1. Link to Beta version of our website -
    2. Things to do 
      1. Link to Meeting Minutes
      2. Add more pictures 
  4. Chapter Treasurer
    1. Arvind Rao has expressed interest in taking up the responsibility
    2. Need to hold an election
  5. Other
    1. Checklist for Girirajpura has been approved from Asha Austin - project coord (Ranga) & acting treasurer (Mohit) 

Action Items 

  1. (Sowmya) - Contacts friends in Austin and tell them about Asha Austin
  2. (Mohit) - Setup the Asha Austin alumni meetup 
  3. (Ranga) - Follow up on KWS infrastructure


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