Date : 6/12/2011

Attendees : Sharanya, Arvind V, Bhavna, Mohit, Divya, Sriram, Savitha

PJ Update by Sharanya (Part 1)

Highlights - 

  1. She gave a brief background about PJ to all volunteers
  2. Showed pictures, school activities, grades and message for every child in PJ.
  3. Sharanya showed her scrapbook that she maintains on PJ - it has letters from children
  4. Suggestion : Yearly visit by parents can be pursued by PJ as an extra step of making sure when children leave with their parents that they are going to a stable & safe environment.
  5. PJ took 6 children to Vrindavan Education Trust since some of the children had problems in tutoring
    1. One of them was recommended for special education
  6. One child has grown up and has got a nursing diploma. Her donor will be asked if they can do another child 
  7. UT-San Antonio professor has approached Sharanya for fundraising for Prasanna Jyoti. She also wanted to visit it with her family. Sharanya asked them to do so and talk more about fund-raising for it after she and her family comes back.
  8. They have better library. There was company who was heavily subsidize their books. Sharanya checked with PJ - but they did not want any books at that time
  9. Sharanya is looking for volunteer for help with PJ work.

Suggestions - 

  1. Sriram suggested that he can help get toys for children from AMD. Sharanya to follow up
  2. Savitha suggested that Siddama is planning to set up Organic Gardens in Bangalore and Chennai areas. Sharanya to follow-up with PJ if they want to do this.
  3. Sriram suggested "Dream a Dream", an NGO that helps children train for sports. They pick up, train them with best coaches, and drop them off. They help Ananya, another NGO supported by Asha Bangalore. Sharanya to follow up with PJ if they would be interested in doing this for children who are interested in sports.
  4. Sriram suggested that "Unnati" provides training in BPO, Retail, Industrial Painting, Office clerical jobs, etc. The students have to 18years of age. 8-9 hours a day intense training for 6 months. They have 100% placement. They teach English, life skils, etc. Website - This is 25km from PJ. Sharanya to follow up

Questions - 

  1. What is Brindavan Education Trust?
  2. More detail on what the recommended special education entail ? Will this be in addition to the regular school and tuition they do ?

Demo on Wiki for minutes (Mohit)

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SoH Discussion by Mohit

Highlights -

  1. Urgent : Nailing down the training programs
  2. Diversify and reach out to their community
  3. Rigourous mentorship program
  4. Info-sessions at Rogue etc
  5. Yoga for cross training : 3 ex-SOH runners have come forward to help
  6. Expand beyond Running : Dualthlons and Triathlons
  7. Minimum amounts for fundraising
  8. Fundraise for a particular cause : Insisting on picking a project since it is easier to fundraise for a cause

Fundraiser : Get Sum Dim Sum by Arvind

     1. Like the Amy's Fundraiser that Charanya set up in April
     2. 15% of day's sale for Asha volunteers
     3. Publicity is the only work Asha
     4. Try to pick a date around SOH. 
     Asha Austin is okay with setting up this fundraiser.
     Yes :  7
     No  :  0
     Abstain : 0

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