Attendees - Arvind R., Murali, Ranga, Mohit & Bharath

  1. Address Change required for AfE to be auditable #* Bharath has updated the website. 
    • Question was raised about closing the existing PO Box. 
    • Current consensus is - PO Box can be kept open. When the checks get low in number (say 5 a month), we can inform Donors through mail. 
  2.  Changes to FCRA. #* FCRA is not permanent anymore. It will have to be renewed by NGO every 5 years. 
  3. Mathru Foundation (Arvind Rao is local contact) - #* Website -
    • Home for Physically Challenged Children
    • Houses about 20+ Children between Age 12-20. 
    • Located in Bangalore (Easy to visit)
    • Have FCRA clearance.
    • Run by Malathi Holla (Talk at India Inclusion Summit)
    • Expectation from Asha Chapter - Support 5-6 special kids for 1-2 years. 
    • Questions  #** What other organizations are supporting them ?
      • What is their annual budget ? 
    • Actions - #** Arvind R is going to get more details from Malathi
  4. Girirajpura School, Tonk, Rajasthan (Mohit is local contact)#* Mohit had forwarded a 2-pager that Murali had sent. It gives a background on the project and a budget 
    • This school is for a displaced community. They were moved by the Forest department from Ranthambore Reserve.
    • This school will be run by GSK. 
    • Right now there are 55 children in the village. Next few years, there will be 200-250 children, as 250-300 families overall get relocated to this village. 
    • Budget is around 5 Lakhs right now. (Asha Austin may not be able to support the entire project.)
    • Questions #** How many govt. and private schools are in the neighborhood ? It was mentioned that there is an elementary school and a private school 4km from the village. 
      • The current budget is for 2 teachers and school supplies. How many children are anticipated to come to the school in near term and long term ? 
      • The brief mentions that this school will be a resource center for 20-25 Govt. schools. Is that a separate parallel initiative ? 
    • Actions #** Mohit to find out more via Murali and Manish     
  5. We all re-iterated our Asha Austin vision. #* We will start with 3 projects with budget around $5K, and commit for 3 years (conditional to a site-visit in the first year). 
    • While we are evaluating the above two projects, we can continue to consider more projects. 
    • We can make a decision about a project, once the chapter is comfortable. 
  6.  Other Actions 
  1. #* Chapter status has been on hold. Bharath and Mohit to inform Asha Central about the current status. 
  2. Meetings #* Next meeting will be two weeks from now on Sept 21st.
    • It will be a conference call.  
    • Agenda #** Discuss Available Funds. 
      • Discuss Fundraising ideas. 
      • Updates from the above two projects.
    • Monthly meetings on First Sundays will be in-person at RMHC.    


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