Attendees : Ranga, Arvind, Mohit

  1. 2015 ARC Voting Cycle 2 - Mohit
    1. We discussed about 7 policy items on the ARC Vote on Asha Legal Structure and Operations Update
    2. Since it took us over an hour, we decided to setup an online vote later and vote during the week on an individual basis
  2. Working Capital Ratio discussion
    1. Got an email from Central Treasury giving an update about Asha Austin WCR. 
    2. Have communicated to Central Treasury and Coordination team that it would hurt Asha Austin if we average 2015 and 2014 disbursals. 
    3. "Asha Austin suffered a big shortfall in funds in 2011. We struggled for a couple of years to meet our goals and eventually had to either wind down on all our projects or hand it off to other chapters. Not only did we suffer financially but we also had to suffer through its after shocks of loosing almost all of its volunteers. The ARC related to Chapter financials came in with right intention but a little to late for Asha Austin. In 2014, some of us volunteers who were still keen to keep the Austin Chapter going, got together and started talking about picking up new projects. By beginning of 2015, we had two projects ready to be approved and Siddamma's fellowship ready to be funded again. You can almost view Austin as a Chapter which was re-established in 2015 (with most of the groundwork done for picking projects done in later half of 2014). While we appreciate what ARC and the central team has done for pulling together loose ends for Asha financials and getting us back up on Charity Navigator, we are concerned that the WCR rule that takes an average over two years will dampen the progress for Asha Austin. Though we have been active in 2014, most of our energy went in re-establishing the Chapter just like the time and effort it takes for a new Chapter to be established and start funding projects. We would like the Central team folks to consider an exception for Asha Austin by considering WCR for 2015 only instead of averaging 2014 and 2015. We would also like to suggest that this idea may be adopted for any new Chapter OR dormant Chapter that is trying to get back on its feet. As we have seen in our case, a new Chapter will have its struggles in the first year. So, counting the first year where there are no projects likely to be funded would rather hurt the Chapter than help get on its feet. "
    4. We have a plan towards becoming compliant with WCR. We want to do it with best intentions without rushing into any decisions. At the same time we want to ensure that the Chapter has wings to fly. We have urged the central team to consider and evaluate our case as an exception, while we can look towards becoming WCR compliant based on year 2015 (only). Here is our plan to meet that -  
      1. We are going through our second disbursal phase right now, where we plan to send around $11k to our 2 projects. 
      2. This leave us with $16k to meet WCR requirement for year 2015 (only). 
        • We are in discussion with Khushboo Welfare Society (KWS), our old project partner for infrastructure related needs. 
        • We are also looking at working with other Asha Chapters like Asha Toledo to see if we can help out with funding of their projects. 
        • Additionally, we were wondering if we could assign some of those funds to WAH projects ?

      Action items:

      • Mohit to find out if Chapter funds can be donate to WAH campaign

      • Mohit to continue driving the conversation at Asha level. 
      • Ranga to follow up with Khushboo Welfare Society and also follow up with Chapters such as Asha Toledo
  3. Update from Mathru Foundation - Arvind Rao 
    1. We started our relationship with Mathru Foundation in January of 2015; after a series of discussions Austin chapter decided to fund Mathru Foundation in May 2015. For the proposal and Q&A related to this project approval, please refer to our website:

    2. Update on students 

      1. Two children Ravi and Srikanth had surgery and are receiving physical therapy. They are currently on calipers. Ravi is in 11th std and Srikanth is in 6th std. 

      2. Current student strength: 14. 

      3. New students added in the last 6 months: 2 (Venkat and kiran).

    3. New Building construction (permanent residence) update: 

      1. Expected day of completion: January/February of 2016.

      2. How many floors will be completed: All the 3 floors are expected to be completed by then. 

      3. When is the moving period: During summer holidays (May 2016).

    4. Other updates:

      1.  Had to find a new cook as the previous cook passed away.

    5. Pictures:

      1. Arvind showed us pictures of 4 students who had surgery this year (2) and last year (2). We may not post the pictures online to respect their privacy

      2. Arvind showed us pictures of the new building and also a group photograph of everyone in the picture. We may post this online. 

    6. Questions: 

      1. Would like to review funds utilization

      2. Would also like to know more about everyone in the picture. 

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