Attendees: Prema, Sujit, Siva, Prashant, Gopi-Kamini, Palani

On skype: Abyuday Mandal, Jyoti, Vidyanand


Topic 1 : Project proposal for Wheel chair - Accessible bug in India

Presenter : Abhyuday

  • Sandnya Srushti close to Nagpur
  • Started receiving support from Asha UGA in 2005
  • Sandnya Sanwardhan Sanstha (SSS) - cannot access funding since Govt has a rule that 18 yo+ can't stay in the school
  • In India, we do not have a bus that has accessible. Project partner is asking for a bus like that
  • They have two buses that pick up and drop off but the people on wheel chairs cannot get on the bus because of the buses not having accessibility support
  • The request is for building a bus that has wheel chair access
  • To get it from another country is not economical. So they are trying to manufacture this bus themselves
  • 20 wheelchairs in a bus is the goal. There are some vehicles that can accommodate 1-2 wheelchairs
  • The manufacturer is from Bangalore , have a signed contract with IIT Mumbai
  • Total budget for the bus is INR 46,00,000. they are currently working on reducing the price
  • There is no other chapter other than Athens supporting this right now for 40,000 USD. This bus is in addition to the funding that Asha Athens provides for this. This project (minus the bus) is also supported by NYC/NJ
  •  Question:
  • Are there buses like these in US?
  • There are buses like this that carry about 8 people


In principle, how many of you are in favor of funding this project, on condition that we have funds from central team/early view of Give campaign fundraising?

Yes: 2

No: 2

Abstain: 5


Topic 2:  V-Excel project

Presenter : Gopi-Kamini

  • Based in Chennai
  • Treats disabled children for their symptoms and help them develop their skills to get them ready for their independent life
  • Dr.Vasudha Prakash is the founder/director, since 2001. Asha seattle supporting since 2006
  • Early intervention group (infant/toddlers - 85 children enrolled), school group (6-14yo), vocation group(14-25 yo) , remedial group - children with disabilities
  • They charge children who can pay. Remaining comes from donors like Asha
  • They have been expanding - opening satellite centers in different places like Nashik., tirunelvelli - either early intervention, youth empowerment, vocation etc.
  • In 2016 - Guide Star India Gold Award - for transparency in their organization. Opened new satellite center for youth empowerment in Nashik
  • They have wonderful group of physicians, nurses etc. and they do training as well.
  • Asha Seattle has been funding scholarships
  • Kamini requested 2016 annual budget (in addition to what asha funds)
  • 2015 - Asha supported 31 students - INR 12,20,000.
  • This year, the requested amount  is INR 14,90,000, so we can support 31 children.
  • Site visit:  June 2015 - there were three site visits.
  • Voting :

Everyone in favor of funding INR 12,20,000 + 10% increase = INR 13,42,000 to support scholarships at Vexcel for funding period of June 2016 - May 2017

Yes: 7




Topic 3: Betsy Elizabeth Trust

Presenter : Paramasivan

  • Siva visited this project
  • Kodaikanal (3 of them in kodailkanal and 2 in some other places)
  • Creche = school + day care+ health center
  • 370 kids below 5 yrs
  • 15 teachers, 5 cooks and 5 care takers
  • Grace Kids Center (GKC ) is the one Asha supports since 2006 - 3 teachers, 1 cook, 1 care taker. 55 kids enrolled, 80+ kids waitlisted
  •  local population are laborers, they travel and sometimes cannot come back for a while. 
  • First one established by Betsy Dailey ( an American) - all current board members are Indians
  • Hilda is managing director. Williams - President
  • We had funded Grace kids center construction  - 2 classrooms, 1 attached kitchen, open space (patio kind of extension used for another classroom). They pick up and drop off nearby kids. Teachers are with the school with 15-20 yrs. Their current pay is INR 6,000. They are asking for support for their children's education. Their last pay hike was 3 yrs back.  We funded an additional room in one of the other creches - little lillies. Work is complete, and is currently used for kids classes.
  • Govt. mandated Kitchen needs to be separated from classrooms, asbestos needs to be replaced with concrete roof. They asked for 6 mons extension during inspection.
  • Ask for children's scholarships, ask for pay hike and ask for school updates to match Govt. requirements
  • They provide safe environment, nourishing meals (breakfast, lunch , snacks), education and kids activities, health care (nurse comes to check and give meds)
  • 2015 - we funded INR 10,13,480 ( $15,592)
  • 2016 - their ask is INR 13,84,694
  • There is also one-time project requests
    • School campus construction to meet the Govt. requirements - INR 12, 24,280 - one time. If not, the worst case scenario is the school might close. 
    • Scholarships for staff's kids college education - INR 40,000 (10,000 per kid per year) - yearly basis
    • One-time expense to obtain computer and printer for administration - INR 43,500
  • Note: the teachers' salaries they are getting are very low and we should re-consider after we know more about central funds.


  • Voting
  • Everyone in favor of funding INR 11,15,000 towards annual operating expenses for the funding period April 2016- March 2017.

Yes : 6

No: 0

Abstain: 0


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