Attendees: Binay, Garima, Dheepa, Latha, Milind, Prema, Sharan (Skype), Sridhar M (Skype), Sridhar D, Lavanya and  Samiksha from Aakriti, Karthik (skype)


Topic 1: Vikasana Bridge School

Presenter: Sharan Asundi

  • Working with Shruti and Sowmya on Vikasana Bridge school
  • Presented last year and project was approved. But there was an issue raised about site visit
  • Sharan asked a friend, who is also Asha volunteer to do the site visit
  • Located in Dublapura, Karnataka - identify children of landless laborers, daily wage workers who migrate for work, sometimes this causes kids either drop out or join work.
  • They bring those kids to residential school with couple of teachers and a cook, and keep them for a  year or so and try to get them back on track, so they can join the mainstream schools
  • They do organic farming and the funds raised through that to support the school
  • They have done a great job from sustainability perspective
  • They were initially in a small school. Now they moved to the farm area. They have gathered other sources to fund them
  • Sharan is working on a technical article on how the project started and how it made progress over the years
  • They support around 25 kids. There are about 5-10 kids in a transition period. Number has not grown much but their programs have grown. They are doing school intervention program trying to address, child marriages etc.
  • Needs primary steward from Seattle to represent this project
  • Sharan is going to put in check request for the amount approved last year - INR 5,26.450
  • Sridhar - Updated FCRA is required for this project


Topic 2: Budget Update

Presenter : Garima, Dheepa

  • Opening balance - 1,434,876.00
  • Total funds disbursed - 1097450.00
  • Other expenses - 12000
  • If we sent funds for 2015 and 2016, did we factor that into project funds
  • GKVDS closed in 2016 - website needs to be updated
  • Gyandeep Vidyalaya - closed
  • Hadassah - for 2016 - 7000 and 2017 - 7000
  • Jagriti bal vikas samiti - closed
  • Jeevan Gnanodaya - closed
  • Jan Seva Mandal and Jeevan Vidya trust - both sister organizations
  • Sumavanam is going through transition. So we do not know how much funds needed
  • Balavihar - we did not send in 2016 as no one presented
  • Expected disbursements for 2017: $771,800.000
  • Projects - 5% increase and can go upto 10% increase. 10% =>$813,750
  • Recurring new projects - $67K
  •  one-time component for new and existing projects - $565,590.80
  • Disclaimer : These are estimates. Treasury team will review the numbers and finalize
  • Voting:
  • For the fiscal year, Jan 2017 - Dec 2017, existing projects get upto 10% increase with projected disbursements of $813,750.00, will spend $67000 on recurring components for new or existing projects, will spend $566K one 1 time components of new and existing projects.
  • Yes: 8
  • No:0
  • Abstain:0


Topic 3: Web team update

Presenter : Karthik

  • More items committed than we could accomplish in 2016
  • This year, we are starting with smaller set of action items. Focus items for this year are
    • Website pages are still not complete. Focus on that
    • Using Azure for Asha - benefits approved, registering for Azure for storage solutions, task tracking system
    • Jira is what Asha central suggested but that is not full-fledged, looking at Azure based solution
    • Review with PR team for regular updates - site, facebook, twitter
    • Data analytics/ donor db for giving campaign
    • Democratization of web updates  - enabling all the teams to make the updates 
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