Attendees : Jasmine, Rashi, Binay, Sridhar M, Aparajita, Prema, Jyoti Jacob, Garima, Siva, Srijan



Presenter : Jasmine

  • In 12/16/05 meeting, we sent $27,485K. (18,13,000 INR)
  • Total GRAVIS amount is $31,175 based on the funds raised by Team Asha Climb (50%)
  • We need to send $3,626 (2,39,000 INR)
  • Budget requested  $31,091
  • Tankas : 1 per family
  • No vocational training included in the budget this year as they were expecting less money from us this year
  • Project evaluation - 3rd party independent audit
  • Tankas - 6 villages - 70% covered (about 137 now). They are expanding to other villages.
  • There are two schools. One school has both boys and girls restrooms and it has more retention rate because of that. The other school is rented. So  that does not have restrooms in that rented school as they are only renting two rooms in a building since they moved recently.
  • QN: The school moved to the area they are building tankas. What happens to the children in the current 6 villages
  • Bicycle program - giving bicycles to girls to keep them in school started in 2014. They gave 15 each year (30 so far). We will have to see how successful the program will turn out to be
  • Girl: boy ratio : 32 boys: 51 gals
  • For mid day meal program - logistics money and human resources wont work out for Asha villages. SO they are not looking at it.
  • If we have more funds they want to do an exposure trip to children (reduced) and vocational training for women (reduced currently)


All in favor of sending INR 2,39,000 for the fiscal year of Oct 2015 - Sept 2016  to GRAVIS

Yes : 8

No: 0

Abstain : 0


TOPIC 2: Petals of Dust

Presenter : Jyoti Jacob

  • Petals of Dust screening
  • Movie focuses on atrocities on women in India. It talks about the problem, and what could happen if the problem is not solved and what are some ways we can step in and help solve the problem
  • Can we present it in the workshop and have an open conversation about it?
  • Belfair films is the organization behind this. Ruth is the director and she has to be present at the event. Its $20 for 25-30 people( usually it is $55 for smaller group and $200 for bigger group)
  • Email :  Ruth Thomas @
  • Ph: (425) 943 - 0082



TOPIC 3 : ARC Cycle 2016

Presenter : Binay

  • has all the information
  • Chapter financial planning and effective utilization of funds policy :
    • What is the right time to figure out how much additional funds does a chapter have and to transfer additional funds to central.
    • Each chapter at year end maintains a WCR(working capital ratio) less than or equal to a maximum of 1.5
    • Project specific donations will not be transferred to general funds
    • Any inter chapter funds transfer will also be accounted for when calculating WCR
    • The 1.5 max needs to be maintained for consecutive 2 years
    • If we have a bad year, (WCR <1.0), the chapter will be eligible for support from general funds up to a cap of "actual shortfall - 50% of its previous years funds disbursal or $25,000 whichever is lower" for 1 year.
      • Proposal : For Seattle chapter, we are looking at $25,000 which might not be enough. We will propose this as an improvement
    • Each chapter will be asked for an estimated budget each year to help them track their WCR
    • Provide additional time for chapters before rolling back to general funds
      • Proposal : We propose 1 month of additional time. If the chapter is not able to disburse those funds by December but has the willingness/intent to ramp up utilization and comes up with a plan within a month, by the end of Jan, we should still get an extension
    • Updated plan to reduce funds to GF
      • We only distributed $1M in 2014 - 2015. Need to do better. What are some ways to make this better?
      • Proposal : If any chapter falls below 1.0 WCR, help it get to 1.0
      • Can we use that additional funds to support one-time infrastructure projects like BWF
      • What is the goal for general funds (how much to keep)?
  • Voting for Asha Central coordinators
    • We do select new team every 2 years. We are due this year
  • Team Asha Policy and Procedure
    • Distinction between registration and contributions : any registration fees for the event, expenses etc should be considered as registrations and non-refundable no tax-deductible receipts should be provided for these events. Any donations or funds raised by runners/bikers/climbers  are considered contributions and tax-deductible receipts can be provided, and may be refunded on donor's request.
  • SAC Policy
    • There is no way to track and ensure that restriction for SAC donations that specifies child's name by simply disbursing money to the project the child is related to.
    • Proposal :  If that is the case, then why are we even getting into this business? What can do even if we consult them before accepting child-specific donations?
  • Asha for Education and Asha Trust India
    • Asha for Education was started by Sandeep Pandey in 1991 with VJP Srivastavoy and Dr. Deepak Gupta.
    • He moved back to India and started Asha Trust in UP in 1992.
    • Asha Trust works on the ground, running projects and started many initiatives with the financial backing from Asha for Education( AfE)
    • Asha trust has 8 chapters - funded directly by Asha trust and 3 where they fund other NGOs (like AfE)
    • Asha Darshan trust : Originally part of Asha Asha trust, later registered as its own entity.
      • Why did they register as different entity
    • 11 chapters in India
    • What are some legal implications of Asha trust signing the affiliate agreement?
    • Should chapters in one country raise funds for chapters in other countries?
    • We are leaning towards B as a chapter
    • Are we going to remove them from website?
      • We will probably add them as satellite chapter or separate affiliate entity.
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