Attendees : Garima, Aparajita, Prema, Sridhar M, Heramb, Ravi Rajamani


Team Asha marathon program update

  • 7 runners at kickoff run
  • About 12 people interested
  • Sunday 8 am is the weekend run
  • Adults - $300 and teens - $100
  • Families  - first person $300 and everyone else $150


Topic 1: Muskan Annual update

Presenter : Garima

  •  Started in 1997 - giving education to the kids from slums in Bhopal
  • Started with 20 kids from tribal background, later got registered with Govt.
  • They have education programs and community programs
  • Education Programs
    • Jeevan Shiksha Pahel
    • Govt. School strengthening program
    • Balwadi
    • Residential camp
  • Jeevan Shiksha Pahel (govt. recognized school) - for <5th class.
  • Govt. School strengthening program - above 5th class
  • Balwadi - preschool program
  • Residential camp - except for 2 months in summer, kids can stay in residential campus
  • Retention rate has increased (currently 25) after Muskan engaged with parents and community
  • Asha Stanford is funding the residential program
  • Community program
    • Teaching about health and hygiene etc
    • Livelihood - teaching vocational programs
    • Gender - self-defense class, violence against women
    • Savings
  • Qn :

How many basti centers and how many primary schools?

How many girls vs boys in residential camps?
How many kids from pre-school go to primary school and how many drop out?

Does the primary school mid-day meal program get funded by Govt.?

Condition looks pretty bad. Is it safe for kids?

Where is the boys and girls hostel in the new building?

How much money will they save from rent once the construction is complete?

After the construction is complete, can they accommodate more kids

Will they still use the govt. class rooms for the school still?

  • Annual expenditures : INR 58 lakhs
  • Income: appr 65 lakhs
  • Net : 7.5 lakhs
  • Grants and individual donations and interest on bank accounts - sources of income
  • Asha Seattle - funding 12% of total budget since Oct 2005.
  • Asha Stanford - 5% since 2010. Sent $7000 in 2015
  • 25 kids are in residential campus
  • JSP school - 130, balwadi - 320, basti centers - 350
  • Girl/boy ratio : 1:1
  • Current teacher/student ration : 1:25
  • 70% attendance rate
  • Proper and sufficient place has always been a problem for Muskaan.  They got a space in Neelbad and started building half of it from funding from different organizations
  • Some of the problems that community is facing:
    • Girls dropping out due to early marriage
    • Police asking for bribe
    • Alcoholism is rampant
  • They are in need of 45 lakhs to continue construction of building. They want to use part of the funds towards building construction this year. Total budget is about 1.3 crores
  • We sent INR 11,82,000 last year.
  • They are asking for 14 lakhs this year, and about INR 7,50,000 they plan to use for building construction
  • Proposal:
  • To vote for INR 11,82,000 + 20% increase (INR 14,18,400)
  • For one-time funding, we as a chapter are proposing
    • Know how much funds we have in the one-time pool to fund the project
    • Out of the 45 lakhs how much can we fund as one-time funding?
  • Voting:
  • Everyone in favor of funding 14,18,400 for the funding period of Oct 2014 - Sept 2015.

Yes : 5

No: 0

Abstain: 2


Topic 2: Digantar

Presenter : Prashant

Digantar wants our support on an on-going basis

We did fund them one-time for teachers' salaries at the end of the last year

We asked them about other sources of funding. They came back with


  • They have funding for 6-12 classes. Still looking for funding for primary school.
  • 2000 INR they are starting the charge the kids per year
  • Asking for support for children or group of children
  • Talking to two corporate groups for funding
  • They need teachers who are stable. Hence need teacher's salaries
  • Ask is for 39 lakhs


Topic 3: ARC proposal

Presenter : Aparajita

Asha-wide coordination team nominations are open

Please volunteer and nominate yourself if you are interested


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