Attendees:  Binay, Prema, Latha, Milind, Madan, Prashant, Prema

On Skype : Sudhi, Vish, Kamini, Rajesh Peddibotla


Topic 1: Digantar site visit update

Presenter : Prashant Nema (project steward)

  • School which is experimenting with David's Horsburgh method of teaching
  • Based in Rajasthan
  • Teacher develops the plan for each student
  • 1999-2002 - Asha Seattle funded. Then Azim Premji foundation and ICICI were funding this project
  • They lost their funding last year and we started funding primary school.
  • Only Asha is supporting now.
  • Kids from nearby communities come to this school
  • Site visit update
    • They have carpentry classes. Girls are more interested in building small wood projects
    • They have art pieces, discuss social issues
    • Chandni news - figuring what makes it to the news
    • They have democratic meetings that happen in the courtyard
    • There is urdu teacher who teaches to read and write urdu
    • Good water filtration system
    • Local community interested in spreading education
    • Child marriages still rampant
    • Parents need to be persuaded to send kids to school
    • Panchayat destroyed the school and built higher education school
    • One girl training to be teacher


Topic 2: PR Update

Presenter : PR team

  • Looking at how can we leverage what we do today to spread awareness about Asha
  • We need volunteers who can transform raw writeups into more appealing blogs
  • Looking for personal volunteer stories, donor stories, project partner
  • Why I support Asha ? Blog
  • PR team can identify 5-6 top donors and get writeups on why they support Asha
  • We should revisit Newsletter - make it concise and have it monthly
  • Donate to Asha for birthdays
  • Friends of Asha - artifacts
  • John Chen - geo-teaming  using mobile platform, working with organizers and creating event (like treasure hunt)
  • Template for thank you note
  • Outreach
    • Individual donors
    • Company outreach
    • New ideas
  • Milind wants to join PR team
  • Newsletter email distribution
  • Donor relations
    • How to send thank you note to reach top donors?
  •  Donor database
    • Treasury team should be able to send the donor db.
  • Volunteers for ad-hoc tasks









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