Attendees :  Binay, Sridhar Madhugiri, Sridhar D, Sushant, Palani, Venkat, Prema,

On skype : Rashi, Vish, Preeti

New volunteers : Sushant,Heramb


Topic 1: Asha support for Chennai flood relief effort

Presenter : Venkat from AID, Palani

  •   AID is known for disaster relief efforts
  •  Chennai got impacted due to flooding. Marginalized communities got affected badly
  • Post disaster, AID had setup community kitchens, health camps, fumigation, mosquito prevention etc.
  • Most of the farmlands got affected
  • Govt gives 5000 INR to the farmers, and they get only 3500 out of it
  • Revathi - teacher turned farmer Sundharbans, she has setup reclamation through her organization Inspire
  • They and other NGOs came together for short term and medium term relief.
  • Now AID is looking for organizations to intervene and help with the long term rehabilitation
  • Long term plan is to Adopt an entire village - construct houses, build education center, health center, provide water and sanitation facilities. They built about 20 houses from 23rd Dec - Jan 6th. They are planning to build about 500.
  • Farm lands are covered with mud and silt and needs to be reclaimed
  • In order to reclaim the farm lands, it takes about $100 to reclaim 1 acre. And about $50 to train one farmer in sustainable practices
  • About $1000 per village
  • # of villages to be reclaimed about 100+
  • Qn : What % of  is covered by AID?
    • 150 villages are heavily affected. Some of the villages are currently supported. We have 100+ villages that still need to be rehabilitated
  • Given the scalability concerns, how many villages can they realistically adopt?
  • What is Asha's involvement? How and How much?
    • Focused on one-time funding (if possible, we will look into central funds)
    • From Geetanjali fundraising event


  • Some villages have Eureka schools (after school program) and they also check for malnutrition. AID is funding these schools. But some schools, we will need to setup education center, health center, etc.
  • Voting:
  • Do we agree to  support this land reclamation project as one-time Inspire project through AID?
    • Yes - 8
    • No -
    • Abstain - 5
  • We will vote on the amount to send once the project site visit is done and it comes back presented as a project.
  • Qn for AID - what lobbying is done by AID to help with this situation to not repeat? So this kind of flooding does not happen again and what measures can the Govt. take?


TOPIC 2: Adruta Home kids for dance concert

Presenter : Palani

  • Adruta home has 400 children
  • Asha supports 80 centres in Bhubaneshwar
  • The kids are trained in music, dance and art and are exceptional
  • They recently performed at Puri international festival
  • They came and performed here in the past at KPC. Last time was no profit/no loss event
  • Adruta children are invited to perform in Houston at konark temple. They are also invited to perform in California,
  • This is happening in late June and early July(june 24th weekend mostly)
  • They want to come back and perform in Seattle.
  • ISCKON temple, KPC are exploring. KPC did not charge but took a % of box office last time.
  • JR.Asha has adopted this project. They may drive the event
  • Voting
  • Is Asha okay with bringing them here for dance concert, and partner with ISCKON and KPC to cover the cost?
  • Yes - 11
  • No -0
  • Abstain -2
  • Neil (from Microsoft) is interested in helping out


TOPIC 3: Team Asha expand to Baker and Olympus climb

Presenter : Jasmine

  • Fee for Rainier : $600 ,
  • Fee for Baker and Olympus : $300
  • Fund raising : $750
  • Upper limit of 6 per Baker and 6 per Olympus
  • We do not have permits for Rainier climb. These are non-profit permits
  • Asha will pay Miyar $500 per climber for Baker and Olympus
  • Asha will pay Miyar $1100 per climber for Rainier. The climber pays $600
  • Qn : Can we climb with commercial permits if we run out of non-profit permits?
  • Can Asha pay Miyar after we have commitments?
  • Voting:
  • All in favor of supporting Team Asha expanding to Baker and Olympus?
  • Yes : 7
  • No :
  • Abstain : 5


TOPIC 4 : OM Band concert Update

Presenter: Rashi

  • Kane hall is available on Sunday, Might not be a good idea for the event to be on Sunday
  • Looking for venues till August
  • Will consult with band once we have venue available
  • June end - Adruta Home children's dance concert
  • Impact theater in Bothell high school
  • Blakely hall in Issaquah high lands
  • Outdoor concerts - as long as it does not feel casual, they are ok with it.


TOPIC 5: Team Asha Marathon program

Presenter: Prema

  • We are not getting enough runners for our program
  • So paying for the Coach
  • The previous year's runners are planning to go biking this year
  • We agreed that if Coach is available and if we have at least 10 runners who are committing
  • Publicity: We have not done any publicity yet. Do we have bandwidth ?
    • Sridhar M can help but needs to know what needs to be done
  • We have decided to go ahead with the program for this year since both the volunteers Sridhar Sharma and Sridhar Madhugiri are willing to coordinate everything
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