Attendees : Sridhar M, Satyajit, Latha, Binay, Prema, Madan, Chalam, Sudhi, Sridhar D

Skype: Pankaj, Nabanita, Udai, Sharan


Meetings taken by: Prema

Topic 1: KIGS Project

Presenter : Pankaj Jain

  • Provide schools on site to match the schedule of brick workers.
  • Brick kilns in Jaipur
  • 900 children benefit from this program
  • Started with 30 students in 2013-2014 and expanded to 10 schools with 604 students last year
  • Also opened a central school last year for full day scholar students from 10 am to 4 pm
  • Brick lane project is located in Chaksu, Rajastan
  • Asha - 328 kids 6-12 yo . Out of 10 schools, 5 schools were supported, covering 7 brick kilns
  • 20% of total budget. Total INR 11,27,000
  • 126 boys and 122 girls. Teachers 10 (2 per school)
  • Most of these schools have an average of 45 students except for LBT which has 75 students
  • 4-5 students super smart kids who needed special mentoring and guidance
  • Pratham - another organization that works on teaching material came up with 4 different categories. But due to lack of resources, they have not been able to attend other categories. But they hope to extend next year
  • The school runs 6 mons in a year to match the schedule of brick kiln workers
  • Shelter for class is very big issue and the irregular attendance is a major issue
  • There are some lessons that can be shared from Door Step School
  • Questions
  • Do they have other donors?
    • They have some ad-hoc donors but they can't count on them
  • Can we fund INR 19 lakhs for 10 schools instead of 5 schools?
    • Not right now, we can only fund last year's budget + 10%
  • Voting
  • Everyone in favor of  KIGS project for the fiscal year of Nov 2016-Oct 2017 for funding INR 12,40,000 (11,27,000 + 10% increase)

Yes : 9   No:0 Abstain: 2


Topic 2 : Vikasana Bridge School

Presenter : Sharan Asundi

  • Education and living expenses for 20-25 kids
  • Self-sustainability of the organic farm
  • Now they both are in same location. They got land from WAH funds
  • Addressing the children of migrating workers of coffee plantations.
  • Location: Encompasses a cluster of 10 villages in shimoga district in Bhadravati taluk, Karnataka
  • Bridge between when they drop off from mainstream education and when they join mainstream school again
  • They also do counseling for parents
  • Residential - they keep kids in a hostel with 3 teachers providing tuitions etc, + cook but they go to regular school during day time
  • Once they are ready, the responsibility is on parents
  • While they are in bridge school, parents are around
  • Challenges : Low wages, single parent, orphan etc.
  • Celebrated 25th anniversary recently. Project director has received commendations from Karnataka and India
  • Inception in 1988.
  • 2015-16 : 20 ( 9 girls and 11 boys). Children tend to coming and leaving. 25-30 children all through the year. Target area  10 villages
  •  Target families: Low income/migratory workers
  • Income generated from organic farm - supports 70-80% of the total cost.
  • Inauguration of orphanage, installation of solar lighting, solar water heater (PPI, Seattle).
  • Total budget : INR 7,26,450.00
  • Sustainable income : INR 2,00,000
  • Grant requested = INR 5,26,450.
  • Last year budget : INR 4,46,950.00  Disbursed : INR 4,47,000.
  • Last site visit : Aug 2015
  • We need one more volunteer from Seattle to steward this project besides Shruti who has to come up to speed on this project
  • Fiscal year : Jan 2016 - Dec 2016
  •  INR 4,47,000 + 10% = INR 4,92,000
  • Voting
  • All in favor of funding Vikasana Bridge School INR 4,92,000 for the fiscal year Jan 2016 - De 2016
  • Yes: 10
  • No:1
  • Abstain: 0


Topic 3: Door Step School

Presenter : Vidyanand

  • Mumbai and Pune founded in 1989 by Rajani Paranjpe. Brought to Pune in 1993
  • Project Foundation : Asha seattle supports
  • Project Grow with books : helps reading comprehension of children
  • Project Every child counts: School enrollment program
  • Project Parents participation in children's education : to make parents be more involved in children's education, for parents working in urban construction sites
  • Asha seattle supporting since 2005.
  • 140+ construction sites
  • Govt. requires builders to provide a safe space for the children while their parents are at work.. The space is used for educational activity centers
  • DSS finances 70% of operational costs and builder finances remaining 30%
  • Schooling is for children 5 years and older. Child care (creche) services to children
  • Operates in 142 construction sites across pune metro area, serving approx 8,500 children
  • Satyajit visited DSS Pune in July 2016, in Blue Ridge construction site in Hinjewadi, Pune
  • Kids were happy and they had a lot of educational toys designed by teachers there
  • 5-8 yo in one class and 9 and older in another class
  • Bhavana Kulkarni, director DSS Pune was also present
  • We funded Apr 2016 - Mar 2017 INR 5,50,000 but the component that we sent for 2015-16, central team disagreed to send retro-active funding without more details on how the project survived last year
  • DSS used INR 5 lakhs from their General fund (20% of INR 25 lakhs in funds)
  • DSS wants to fund two EACs(Utsav, and Siyona) requesting a total of INR 5,00,000
  • Voting:
  • All in favor of funding Door Step School for one-time funding of INR 5,00,000 for the fiscal year Oct 2016- March 2017 to support two additional  Educational Activity centers
  • Yes: 9
  • No: 0
  • Abstain:0


Topic 4 : Project coordinators Updates

Presenter : Latha

38 active projects

36 recurring projects

Check requests in process : 6

Two more already presented  but not put in check request

RDT - Dec 2015 - May 2016 (no update )  - chapter coords will follow up

Rishi valley - check request follow up with Balaji

Neel bagh trust - no need of funding this year

Sai Seva Sadan and MICDA have to submit check requests


Topic 5: Sikshana Foundation

Presenter : Sudhi & Chalam

  • Chalam - CEO of Sikshana, gave the context in the last meeting
  • Working exclusively with Govt. Schools with an objective to drive student motivation to learn
  • Govt. of Karnataka got motivated to include student motivation in state budget
  • They are going to put in 50% in funding and remaining 50% from private groups to scale this program
  • 100% of material costs are covered by govt.
  • Product dev cost - 50%
  • Mentors in these districts - 100% by private sources
  • Thimmalapura forest and Madhugiri Taluk districts
  • Launched Sikshana accelerator last year - transfers knowledge of student motivation programs to the Govt.
  • Azim Premji Foundation did a lot of training
  • As we get Govt machinery to run these programs, we want to monitor usage at child level, delivery and effectiveness
  • The way the funds are going to be used will be different this year to focus on product development to scale at a bigger scale
  • product development cost: 1.50 crores (over 3 years) Govt. of Karnataka - 70 lakhs, Tata trust : 50 lakhs, 33 lakhs now needed
  • Sikshana will develop software to track the effectiveness of different Govt interventions at child level
  • The ask is for INR 14 lakhs for this year and INR 15 lakhs for next year.
  • We can only focus on this year and we cannot predict for next year.
  • Voting :
  • All in favor of supporting Sikshana funding INR 14 lakhs for the fiscal Apr 2016 - March 2017 to development software tools to scale.
  • Yes:5
  • No: 1
  • Abstain: 1



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