Attendees : Savitha (Disaster Relief), Sowmya, Ranga, and Mohit

  1. Disaster Relief for Floods in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu - Savitha and Sowmya
    1. Tamil Nadu has been hammered with torrential rains last week. Cuddalore is one of the places that always gets affected since it is right on the coast. This year it has been exceptionally bad. Siddamma contacted Sowmya and Savitha asking for help with the flood/cyclone situation in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu. She mentioned that 520  families were completely washed out and that she needs funds to help with getting them blankets and food.  
    2. So far we have details on families affected - link
    3. Asha has a history of helping with Disasters - 
    4. Action items :
      1. Savitha : To collect more details about what kind of support is needed 
      2. Mohit : To initiate conversation with Central Team 
      3. Sowmya : To understand past examples and read Wiki links and continue/lead the conversation with Central Team 
  2. 2015 ARC Voting Cycle 2 - Mohit
    1. We discussed about 7 policy items on the ARC Vote on Asha Legal Structure and Operations Update in last meeting
    2. Mohit setup an online vote to facilitate voting at Chapter level
    3. Results of the online vote are recorded here
    4. Majority vote will be used as the Chapter vote at ARC level. 
  3. Chapter Health Questionnaire - Mohit 
    1. We went over the Chapter Health Questionnaire that was also sent out over email to everyone earlier. 
    2. Here is the link to the Questionnaire. 
  4. Working Capital Ratio Discussion 
    1. Heard back from Central Team that WAH contributions or contributions to other Chapter may be acceptable. 
    2. They are going to discuss that and also consider "2015 only for WCR" for new and dormant chapter
    3. We may have to also prepare an ARC ratification of WCR rule in the next cycle before Jan 1st, 2016. 
    4. Have not heard back from Khusboo yet. 
    5. We can contribute to WAH campaign and Asha Toledo. Vote to be taken next week. 
    6. Action items 
      1. Mohit : to continue follow up with Central Treasury and Coordination team 
      2. Ranga : to follow up with Asha Toledo 
  5. Update from Girirajpura  - Mohit
    1. Received Funds utilization report from GSK
      1. The report gives May to October utilization. 
      2. For 5 month utilization it is about 80% of the funds
      3. It may be early to judge the full utilization since some of the events happen in early part of the year.
      4. Appreciate GSK being accurate about their funds utilization.
      5. Question : Follow up with GSK to understand if their needs have changed.
      6. We can see how the utilization is in the next 6 months and adjust our budget in next year. 
    2. GSK - May to Oct 2015 Report (Translation)
      1. Translation of a GSK - 6 month report which was originally in Hindi was done by Mohit. 
      2. We discussed the update based on the translated document. Expecting a formally translated report this week. 
      3. This document described what happened at GSK at a more general level 
      4. AI : Mohit has requested Sachin for more specific information about the Girirajpura school, and its community. 



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