Attendees: Binay, Rashi, Deepa, Prema, Garima, Sridhar, Sumant, Jyoti


Topic 1: Avehi Abacus

Presenter: Binay

  • Avehi Public CharitableTrust was Founded in 1981
  • Stands for Audio Visual education
  • Avehi Abacus project was started in 1990 in Mumbai, to strengthen education in primary schools, by promoting interactive discussion through stories and games
  • Seemantini Dhuru - is the director of the project
  • They have a core team who build educational material and advocacy
  • Rollout - 65 qualified observers an field representatives- 8 field coordinators and 50 field representatives

AAP Initiatives

  • Sangathi - focused on 5-7 std - we support mainly
  • Manthan - teacher training
  • Saath Saath - children after Delhi Nirbhay event

Their Budget : 2.3 Cr.

Last year : We supported 60 lakhs

  • Sangathi
    • Classes 5-7. 6 course material
    • Distributed across all municipal schools across Mumbai and some private schools
    • Key impacts
      • Enhance life skills quality education in schools
      • Make learning more fun
      • Enable teachers to refresh their teaching skills, self-growth and personality development
    • Topics covered
      • Myself, my body, our needs
      • Our earth and web of life
      • How societies developed
      • The way we lived today
      • Understanding change
      • Preparing for our future
    • Roll out
      • Phase 1 - 1991- 1996 - small set of kids from Maha lakshmi municipal school 35 kids (3-7 std)
      • Phase 2 - 1996 - 2001 - 25 municipal schools - 6962 children (std 3-7), 35 NFE centers, 2 private schools
      • Phase 3 - 2001-2005 - 180 municipal schools in 2 municipal wards, new languages 120 zilla parishad schools, 50 NFE centers, several private schools(std 5-7)
      •  Phase 4 - Jun 2006 - 2016 - all municipal schools of Mumbai, supporting one batch through 3 years instead of 3 batches at same time due to financial constraints
      • Phase 5 - 2016 -2018 - supporting two batches and plan to cover all three batches in parallel in next two years
    • We asked TISS (tata institute of studies) - to study the impact of this program. The feedback was very positive. The kids were showing more interest in this class and also others. Teachers also found this training as helpful. But they saw it as additional training, so there is a pushback because of that.
    • During 2015-206, 1344 classes from 858 primary schools in 8 languages, 52 secondary schools reaching 74 classes, a total of 1456 classes from 946 schools
    • Implementation in Ashram schools (residential schools or tribal children managed by the integrated tribal development department trust) of Thane district
    • 36 ashram schools. 36 teachers, 1800 children in tribal belt
    • Awareness programs with high govt. officials to educate them and communicate about the program
  • Manthan
    • Training course designed for teachers enrolled for the diploma in teacher education (DTEd)
    • 2 yr foundation course with 50 sessions
    • Firest pilot - 1998, 2000 with 200 students
    • Manthan was granted permission by Maharashtra state council for Ed Research
  • Saath Saath
    • Focuses on gender equality in schools
    • Currently available in english medium schools under archdiocesan board of education, mumbai
    • Recently Initiated in Rajasthan and UP with financial support from Amercian Jewish World Service
    • Initiated in Ajmer district of Rajastan with Mahila Jan Adhikaar Samiti, Sahajani Shiksha Kendra
    • Focus on reducing instances of early marriages and promoting gender justice in the communities they work with.
  • Site visit update - done by Rohit Agarwal (waiting on site visit report)
  • Questions:
  • Saath Saath -  Which standards if it is for students? Or teachers?
  • Can they reach out to corporate social responsibility funds ? Binay will follow up on who they are reaching out to.
  • Can they sell the course material and make money that way ?


  • Funding Status
  • Wipro reduced funding
  • Hilton funding for sister - no status on funding renewal
  • American Jewish world service - reduced funding
  • Worked with reduced funding for last couple of years and seeing slight improvement recently. Key staff worked with low to no salaries
  • Last year we sent INR 60 Lakhs
  • Per student cost :INR 547 ( Students : 42000,
  • Voting:
  • All in favor of funding Avehi for fiscal year Apr 2016 - Mar 2017 for INR 66 Lakhs to support Sangathi and Manthan programs (42,000 children and 600 students ) for salaries, material printing and distribution, general administrative
  • Yes: 8 ( Binay, Rashi, Prema, Garima, Deepa, Sridhar, Sumant, Jyoti)
  • No: 0
  • Abstain: 0


Topic 2: Allgorhythms and Aakriti Event updates

  • Presenter : Sridhar D
  • Sept 16 - Aakriti program
  • Sept 17 - 4:30-6:30 Allgorythms and 6:30 - 8:30 Aakriti
  • Maydenbaur center - 400 seating
  • Ashwini will send emails to MS DLs and other social groups
  • Srijan is trying to reach out to some of the sponsors
  • Lavanya - director for Aakriti will also find couple of sponsors
  • We need to arrange dinner for at least 100, on each day
  • We need to do Pledge drive since we will not sell any food at the venue
  • Currently we have 4 volunteers actively working on this. But we will need more volunteers for poster drive and on the event day
  • We need someone to design the flyer
  • We should consider doing a different poster for day 2.


Topic 3: Change to chapter coordinators team

Aparajita has chosen to step down from chapter coordinator role. She was very helpful being in the role

She will take a break and come back later.

We will try to reach out to people to see if anyone want to sign up for the chapter coordinator role

Making sure everything across the chapter is going well. Having long term view of things and implement them, be the face of Asha, engage with Asha-wide team

We are also looking to fill project coordinators role.


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