Attendees: ~15 volunteers

  1. Navin

  2. Volunteer at GT events - Sodexo, Tapo, Yash, Sid got trained, they 3 will train us.

 job - 4 registers, 1 person per cash register, there is fixed menu , suppose ask for pretzel, popcorn, philly cheese steaks, people who manage cash register will take cash/card, then at the back there are 3 machine, just press button, and get the food, if more involved thing like burger there will be cook, not us.

We have to keep track how much we have sold, whenever you do, money in 1 month. They will pay by check for Asha for education’s name.

NEED TO check date of game 24th Tue seems possible, 22nd Nov Sunday out as we have event

for first time 3hours before, generally 0.5 hour before. close 6-8 minutes before final

they will give shirt, cap, gloves, close toed shoes and pants, cannot wear red and black.

3. Food night - things to buy for people, Tapo buys and drops off.

rice cooker - 1 Tapo, 1 Bahni, 1 rice cooker from Arka-Anish (another small one @Arka)

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