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  • Meeting Minutes Gatech 29th January, 2016


Attendees : Tapo, Arka, Mayank, Yash, Janani, Geet, Anish, Siddharth, Anshuman, and many other volunteers (~20)

Discussion Points: 

  1. Arka’s hard work in terms of site visits in India being talked about. For more details please refer the presentation.

  2. Events planning -

    1. Tapo - Organise events, fundraise. Thinking to do one event just for bonding. Not fundraising. Potluck, interaction, etc. Should we do it? People say yes! Food by few of us. Mayank - bonding potluck should be separate from info session!

Tapo - info + potluck! Arka - potluck for volunteers and info for general! Anthony - info session first and then potluck! Aditi - info session not required! Arka - talking about some TEACH related complications (expensive artist)! Rajiv - Painting + Game Night! Bahni - call them for info and ask them to come for potluck  

                 b)   Next Friday - Info session 5th Feb + Video (Pictographic) Advertisement, flyers in all the building, in each event show people what we do

                 c)   Yash - Concession Stands - Baseball Games, available at short notice, generally                

6-7 pm onwards. What is it? Food stands at concerts, game days, etc. Get the 2  hrs training and then just get started. 2-3 games this sem. a lot of money. need 12 people. Return on investment is high. emailed today to ask for schedule. update the sign up sheet. feedback - liked our group, cash registers - put a tip box there, long term plan - stable group who can participate every time

     d)  Bonding potluck - 6th Feb, Mayank -

     e)  Running - Marketing to get more money, push their web pages on Facebook,     anyone wanting to run, feel free to contact Siddharth.

f)  Game Night - 20th Feb, details before the event

g) Karaoke Night -

h) Poker/Casino Night + Playstations (Gaming Tournament) + XBox -

i) Movie Night -

j) Sports Night -

3)   Recruiting - Each one, bring one (preferably opposite sex :P), Weekly Digest

4)   Engagement Week - Not useful

5)   Undergraduate involvement

6)   HumaniTech Group - help for website development 

7)   Elections - Let us know your interest

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