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  • Meeting Minutes Gatech 31st August, 2015


Attendees: Arkadeep, Geet, Yash, Mayank, Anshuman, Siddharth, Janani, and around 9 new volunteers, Abhyuday on Skype

Discussion points:


  • Abhyuday and Arka gave an introduction of Asha.


  • Arka elaborated about Asha-GT.

Member Introduction:

  • Asha-GT members and all other new volunteers who came to this meeting introduced themselves.


  • Arka talked about several possible events such as Movie Night, Food Stall, Marathon, and Sports Tournament - to be talked more by respective people in charge.

Concession stand on Game-days:

  • Yash talked about volunteering on Game-days.

  • It is under processing - needs documents, insurance forms. comment: it does not need to be GT organization

Food Stall or cook and sell to raise funds:

  • In order to avoid the food being cooked by GT Cooks, we need to go for exotic dishes such as beguni/pakora (suggested by Abhyuday from his experience earlier)


  • There were few volunteers who had some previous experience of marathon - Rachit and Bhuvana have experience they can help train others. Also, they would like to participate in future marathons. Others want to participate- Gayatri, Siddharth

  • We plan not to have our own Marathon as it is difficult to organise. Instead we need to participate in different marathons being organized during thanksgiving or October.

  • We plan to have our Marathon Training Team and if possible, collaborate with Asha Atlanta training.

Cricket tournament:

  • In this meeting, we had GT Cricket Club President Ribhu Sengupta IE 2nd year UG. He talked about possible challenges in organizing cricket tournament. Reservation of field is the biggest problem as most of the fields get reserved in the beginning of semester.

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