Asha GT Meeting Minutes 20 Sep 2015 Student Center Room 320

Tapo, Arka, Anu, Gayathri, Manaswini, Mayank, Sid, Anish, Neeti Pathak, Bharat Srinivasan, Yash

  1. Marketing -follow Atlanta fb page for updates, we need to consolidate marketing. Asha Atlanta page has huge outreach to Alpharetta and greater areas. Need to tap those people to get funds for projects

  -fb group for now can be kept only for volunteers to coordinate and work (Anish      Mukherjee volunteered to set this up.

  1. Movie night - Movie is Majhi or Drishyam (new) , 5$ ticket

    1. Date october 16th Friday

    2. Suddath room 5.30 or 6pm, prop open door for access

    3. samosa, frozen option (Mayank said), maybe restaurant better as build a relationship (Anu said)

    4. stay away from patel plaza idea, planet bombay, Mint , new restaurants not the established one

    5. do RSVP - for samosa

Volunteers : Janani has the list

  1. Running Training , Sid has setup google group and flyers, as Sid is going to India, new volunteers to help - Gayatri Singh and Mayank Agrawal.

    1. Anu said - let’s have a goal, say Pi mile race or hot chocolate

    2. pledge

    3. make an event page

  1. Poker or board game night -Geet would update, Yash about Sodexo would email back.

Tapo’s talk:

  1. Manipur - Asha is regranting organization, money raised , goes to NGO, the NGO looks after putting the money to use,

 -every year 1 volunteer goes there to check

 -gives report based on which Asha decides to give more funding or not

Tapo went- inner line permit, curfew, Indian military, so bring ambulance to pick you up ,

 trying to build hospitals, schools very far away, no primary schools.

Shantikumar set up the schools, hospitals, diagonstics center- for profit, which would sustainably run these

  • Asha surprise visits

  • Villages have kings

  • village have factions

  • students welcome warmly, reciting poems,

  • 25 to 35 students, in primary school, class 6- only 3 or 4 students, as agriculture, funding is provided by education is necessary , awareness is not there, parent teacher meeting, “in hilly areas sword is the rule not the pen”

  • book keeping ot account keeping for selling the produce

  • teachers are all class 10 level, headmaster is class 12 level

  • Run counseling classes for parents.

  • very few students end up going to main city.

  • majority of senior students classes 6 are girls, in primary equal gender ratio

  • interact with teachers, society is very hierarchical

  • New Dampi school, helmet,  sunglass, village king permission

  • Indian military present

  • monthly income/ yearly income 10,0000 Rupees

  • Cut wood, sell the wood to bunch.

  • they recently got drinking water,

  • Asha gives lunch rice and one curry

  • books, uniform school , teacher salary

  • Asha salary 4000 INR, govt salary more by 15,000 INR almost

  • Indian army shot mistakenly the headmaster, Mary Kom’s father in law was there,


-walls are not bamboo, bike, then walk

- more remote

-militant training camp Kuki tribe,

- village king is who says

- salwa judum, militancy, Manipur AFSPA ,

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