Attendees: Binay, Sridhar, Garima, Dheepa, Milind, Piyush, Prema, Nabanita(on skype), Sandeep, Jasmine, and our super Junior volunteers Jiya and Vyaan :)  


New vol : 


Topic : Budget for 2017  

Presenters: Garima and Dheepa 

  • Working capital ratio ( Amount in bank versus what you spent) WCR is at 3 Asha wide. We want to be closer to 1.5 
  • Detailed budget to be presented in the next chapter meeting 
  • Based on net asset report from Jan-Nov 2016 to be get the baseline numbers 
  •  Donation income from Jan - Nov , project to Dec - $466K 
    • 2015 income - 650K + 135K (that went to general pool) will be sent this year 
    • 2016 income - 466K + income that went to general pool = approximating to 700K 
    • In February, general pool funds (1Mil) will be disbursed proportionate to our disbursements  - 200K+  
    • For 2017, we should estimate about 700K 
  • Fundraising income at events - $5200 
  • Non-donation income (cost of goods sold) : 46,800 
  • Chapter expenses 
    • Project disbursements - 1,132,874 (last year) 
    • Event expenses - 57,000 
    • Admin and general expenses - 2000 
    • Fundraising expenses - 10,000 
  • Voting: 
  • Treasury team to project project disbursement based on WCR 1.25 approved by chapter meeting 
  • Yes: 7 
  • No:0 
  • Abstain : 2 


Topic 2: ARC Proposal  

Presenter : Garima, Dheepa, Binay 

  • Revenue numbers dropped significantly in last two years and treasury team digged into benevity reports and they realized, lot of the donors were picking Asha central instead of Asha Seattle as it is the default in the website. We sent a detailed analysis to Asha central. Few things they looked at 
    • Did anyone say Asha central instead of Asha seattle 
    • How many are from Microsoft donating to Asha instead of Asha Seattle 
    • Other companies in Northwest that go through benevity that do the same thing 
    • How many people are in Washington who donated to Asha central 
  • Central team agreed to send the funds that were sent to Asha central where the donor had the intent to send to Asha Seattle but picked Asha central. That amounts to $135k for the year 2015. 
  • The funds that go to Asha central -  
    • Part of it gets distributed equally 
    • Part of it gets disbursed proportionately 
  • ARC Proposal :  
    • If anyone in WA zip code donates to Asha central, those donations should come to Asha Seattle 
    • This will help with chapters getting the donations in a timely manner so we can disburse those funds earlier than the funds going to central and then getting disbursed  


  • Use donor address or company address (if applicable and donor address absent) to associate a donation to chapter that is in closest vicinity (in case of multiple chapter) within a radius.  
    • Option 1: Donations from Zip codes in 25-mile radius of a chapter should go to it by default 
    • Option 2: Donations from Zip codes in 50-mile radius of a chapter should go to it by default 
    • Option 3: Donations from same state of a chapter should go to it by default 
    • Option 4: Stay with current approach of all defaults going to GF 
    • Use single Asha registration for all interfaces and get rid of all chapter specific interfaces except for the one from chapter website. It would simplify donation experience for donors and reduce complexity for treasury.  
      • Option 1: Change to new model 
      • Option 2: Stay with current model 
  • Volunteers needed for Asha-wide treasury and web team  


Topic 3: Asha wide Conference 

Presenter : Dheepa 

  1. Date : 29th - 30th July  
  2. First time Asha Seattle is hosting and this conference happens every 2 years 
  3. Most participation is from local, about 25 people from outside 
  4. Looking for volunteers  
  5. Work items - 
    1. Finalize venue 
    2. Finalize speakers - if any speakers are coming from India 
    3. Set the agenda 


Topic 4 : Team Asha Climb Fundraising model 

Presenters: Sandeep, Jasmine, Piyush 

  • What should the fundraising model be? Since the cost is a huge issue, can the climber ask for donations till the program cost is covered, but those are not matched. But the donations after the program cost is covered can be matched 
  • Climber costs should be separated from the donations that they raise for Asha. They cannot get tax deduction on that climber costs 
  • Volunteer hours are equal to donations so we cannot use to cover the climber fee 
  • Climber fees - $1100 
  • Climber hours - Asha Seattle 
  • Donations - Asha Seattle 
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