Attendees : Binay, Palani, Rashi, Sridhar M, Prema, Prashant

Skype: Sridhar D, Geeta D, Sudha Reddy (SF)


Topic 1 : Adruta Children's Home annual update

Presenter : Palani

  • Mission: educating, nurturing and developing destitute children by providing balanced nutrition, quality education and all-rounded development in a healthy safe and loving environment
  • RAWA academy - Prof Mohanty is the contact person
  • They do organic farming
  • Bhubaneswar center has cows, and children take care of them
  • Last year we disbursed, INR 32,00,000
  • Ask : this year is to match last year's + inflation increase
  • Their growth is not standard and donors are not steady. Asha is the largest donor
  • Asha has been supporting since 2006 - livelihood of 51 children (45-50% of Bhubaneswar home)
  • They have new computer lab but no internet yet
  • They have their own land, they also have plan to build old age home
  • They have doll room, open lawn, organic farm etc
  • They have vocational training - tailoring
  • They eat ayurvedic food - vegetarian without onion and garlic. Lot of fresh vegetables
  • They don’t do adoptions, or used clothes donations
  • The place is very clean. They kids wake up at 5 am and go for yoga. They take dance music classes. They have a tutor who comes and teaches all the kids
  • They have other homes at Puri, Cuttack, Angul.
  • They do Pathachitra and pottery paintings
  • Questions:
  • What avenues have you explored for setting them up for fundraising?
    • Have to look into someone who has bandwidth for this.
  • Do they have anyone doing fundraising?
    • They are not very strong on fundraising
  • Dr. Mohanty is not doing with health. Is there anyone else who is trained to succeed him?
    • There are others who help him but not someone who can have a vision and drive it
  • Is there someone they can hire?


Everyone in favor of funding 32 lakhs + 10%  = INR 35.2 lakhs for the period of June 2016 - May 2017?

Yes: 7

No: 0

Abstain: 0


Topic 2: Adruta Children's visit

Presenter: Palani

  • Contract with KPC is signed.
  • They are on to perform on Jun 27th on Monday
  • Saved about 15% (less than last time) on hall booking fee
  • Palani is reaching out to Odiya community here
  • They are traveling to CA, and other places on their own expenses
  • We are doing a fundraising pitch at the Adruta home
  • Planning just started. Sold about 25-30 tickets, publicity is just starting
  • We have Odiya community signed up to help. So we might have more people showing up at the event. We need help for publicity - posters etc.
  • They are here from 23-30th June - 4 adults and 7 kids
  • We should wait until the whole trip is over, so we can see if California and Houston do not cover the travel cost, we can cover the gap. We shoul
  • Event expenses : KPC expenses, accommodation expenses, food expenses.
  • Palani will follow up after the event

Topic 3: Aarti Home(Vijay Foundation trust)

Presenter - Sudha, Prema

  • This was showcased at the workshop in May 2016
  • Similar cause as Adruta child home
  • Sudha keeps visiting them in Kadapa - she stays in california
  • Sudha proposed to Asha SFO as well
  • Goal : See a world where the birth of a child a joy, irrespective of gender
  • Mission : Bringing vale to the girl child.
  • Started in 1992 - one abandoned girl who is working as a radiologist now
  • Sandhya Puchalapalli is the founder.
  • From there on, she started an orphanage as more and more children showing up
  • Govt. gave a grant for the land, so they have an orphanage home there and a school
  • Provide home for orphaned children, run awareness programs, provide education, advocacy for rights, lalitha cooperative for vocational skills, community involvement
  • Aarti home - orphanage home ( a month old to 17 yo)
  • Girls and boy ratio - 70% or more is girls
  • 1000+ children have called it a home over the years
  • 700+ rescued from traffickers
  • 120 kids currently live in the home
  • Skills development - lalitha development cooperative
  • Trained in Embroidery, tailoring, beautician, infotech etc. 
  • Expanded to 200 villages
  • Community  outreach - women's leadership programs, legal rights campaign, counseling etc.
  • Aarti Education - School founded in 2007
  • All of aarti home - free education
  • Underprivileged kids based on financials - free education
  • Scholarships (90%) and 10% pay their fee
  • They just started computer lab in dec 2015 with funding from Asha SF
  • They also have a library
  • Challenge has been quality of teachers and retention of teachers
  • Plan to expand computer lab (19 computers + 2 projectors now). They watch Khan academy classes and other computer training aids
  • Geeta (Sridhar's wife) volunteered to be secondary steward
  • We still need to get project coordinator sign off

     Expenses :

  • Currently they have 15 full time, 4 part time teachers and one head mistress
  • Watchman, maintenance person, etc for Aarti school
  • Stationery cots
  • Food for orphanage home
  • Vehicle rental - land for school is about 10km away. So a vehicle, auto, to pick up the kids - adds to the cost


  •  Female feticide number?
  • 40% do not go to school. What is the source?
  • Why not send them to regular schools?
    • Some of the children were sent to govt. schools - telugu medium school. So the kids could not find a job after. So they decided to start a school - english medium school -be a model for good quality education
  • Funding from other sources?
    • European union funding - 3 year project for awareness programs across all mandals in kadapa
    • Team Shakti - 1 time project to computer education
    • Private donations that are ongoing
  • Is there any ongoing support from Govt. or local organizations?
    • No on-going support from Govt.
    • Surrounding schools and colleges are aware of it due to interschool competitions. So better volunteer support, not necessarily ongoing support
  • How is the lalitha cooperative doing? Ongoing sale of products
    • We train about 5000 women but we are only employ about 50 people. Not able to actively outreach and sell them
    • Fashion design is a challenge.


  • Everyone in favor of funding Aarti home for USD 15K (INR 10,00,000)  recurring budget funding we have left,  for the period of June 2016 - May 2017, towards teachers salaries, provided we have project coordinator bandwidth.
  • Yes : 7
  • No : 0
  • Abstain : 0

         Note: Latha Nath has agreed to be the chapter coordinator for the project Aarti Home(Vijay Foundation Trust)




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