Attendees: Binay, Keerti, Sameer, Deepali, Prashant, Ravi, Sridhar, Jyoti, Sridhar D, Chalan


Topic 1: Mother India Community Development Project (MICDA)

Presenter: Keerti

  • Based in Chittoor Andra Pradesh
  • Mission- Provide access to basic education to the kids in poorest families
  • Brain child of Dr. Subramaniah Garu
  • Stays in the nearby village
  • Sunil Laxman was the previous project steward
  • School started in 2000 was closed due to his health, restarted couple of years back
  • Basic education from 1st to 6th grade
  • 55 kids enrolled from laborer and very poor families
  • Government and private schools are coming up in the area
  • 90% funding from Asha Seattle
  • Theft in school premises and land around is a major headache
  • Also Dr. Subramaniah Garu's health and no confidante to look at the school in his absence is a major concern
  • Trying to form a better communication channel



Would a computer in the school help? - Definitely. Any technology update will help. Internet will help with quicker turnaround time and keeping in touch with teachers.


Last year: Asha gave

Rs. 4,50,000 for 2014-2015

Rs. 8,50,000 for 2015-2016

Total Rs. 13,01,000

No budget received for this year

Urgent need

Approve same amount as last year



Rs. 8,50,000 for June 2016 to May 2017

8 yes, 2 abstain

Topic 2: Jan Seva Mandal and Jeevan Vidya

Presenter: Deepali Bhagvat

  • Current # of students: 60 boys 90 girls
  • Provide lodging and boarding to tribal boys and girls respectively
  • Curriculum, additional tutoring
  • Extra-curricular - computer, cooking, cycling, games, gardening, personality development, Medical checkups, parent meetings
  • Director changes after about every 5 years
  • Students stay at 40-50 km radius
  • Pay Rs. 3000 per year
  • Boys from 5th-10th grade
  • Girls from 5th-12th grade
  • With Asha seattle Oct 2008
  • Individual Donors, Jeevan vidya Trust, Asha Seattle


Annual updates: JanSeva

  • Last year: 61 boys
  • 3 SSC students passed and went for the higher studies
  • New initiatives:
  • Started Open access library with 300 books
  • Everyone gets one hour a week on Computer leaning word, PowerPoint, paint etc.
  • Team of 5 boys as bal panchayat who appoint other boys for referent responsibilities in the hostel
  • Indoor, outdoor games, puzzles
  • External teachers for Math and English for 9th and 10th std


Annual updates: Jeevan Vidya

  • Last year: 85 girls
  • 20 girls passed SSC\HSC and going for higher studies
  • Math and Science External teachers for 9th and 10th std
  • Computer classes twice a week
  • learn office apps
  • personality development, counseling
  • Family life education value education, sex education, career guidance
  • Competitions, sports day, Yoga day, Workshop on street play, parent meeting
  • Greenhouse and farm to grow vegetables and herbs


Questions and impressions:

  • Is the land and building owned by org? - Yes
  • Are there any measures for kid's progress and project's success: School grades, program participations
  • Success criteria - Students from nearby area want to come there. Number of admissions increasing
  • How is the staff satisfied with the salary? How long they stay with the school will tell us how happy they are? From the site visit they look passionate.
  • Not much physical activity for Girls? - Yoga, cycling, sports day
  • Bal panchayat why not for Girls? – will suggest
  • Boys’ study room is better than the girls’ study room – will ask if they can upgrade it


Voting for Jan Seva

Rs. 5,50,000 for June 2016 to May 2017

9 yes, 1 Abstain


Voting for Jeevan Vidya

Rs. 5,50,000 for June 2016 to May 2017

9 yes, 1 Abstain


Topic 3: Sikshana Foundation Overview

Presenter: Chalan, COO


  • Sudhi, steward
  • Asha is supporting for a decade
  • 71% students in class 7 in rural Karnataka are not able to perform basic 3 arithmetic operations and show very poor local language skills
  • NGO to improve learning outcome at a state level
  • Longer term goal - countrywide impact
  • 40 point improvement in 2015-2016
  • Motivation mechanisms to motivate students
    • Students earn stickers for doing things right: cleanliness, asking questions, answering questions
    • Learning tree
    • Last year Asha gave $90,000 ~ Rs.12,00,000 to Rs.13,00,000
    • This year need funds for resources.
    • Budget is Rs. 30,000
    • Think about it and will come back later for voting


Topic 4: Vigyan Ashram

Presenter: Jyoti Gawade


  • Annual update 2015-2016
  • Fund request - 2016-2017
  • Mission: Creating entrepreneurs, reversing rural to urban migration
  • Location: In Pabal, Maharashtra
  • Offer
    • DBRT 1 year program
    • IBT - taught in schools across 5 states (replication of DBRT program)
    • New initiative: Design Innovation Center (DIC) - started at the university level
    • Also helping the graduates to start their business
    • Did site visit twice this year
    • Last year's total income: Rs. 31,76,650
    • Last year's Asha donation: Rs. 10,45,000
    • This years projected income: Rs. 46,80,000
    • Asking for Rs. 13,00,000



Rs. 11,50,000 July 2016-June 2017

6 yes, 2 abstain


Topic 5: Give campaign update

Presenter: Binay

We have gained good momentum but need volunteers. Please reach out to Binay or reply to the Give campaign meeting minutes email and help.

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