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  • Meeting Minutes for Asha Chennai on 16th September, 2018


Minutes of the Meeting of Asha Chennai Chapter held on  Sunday, 16, September 2018 at the office of the Chapter at Luz Avenue Mylapore Chennai 600004.

Following were  present:

    Ananth, Bhaskar, Kamakshi Kumaresan, Kasturi Easwaran, Narayanan, Paripoornam, Rajaraman, Saraswathi, Sundaram, Usha Bhaskar, Venkataraman

Decisions are marked in blue.

1. Ratification

The minutes of the meeting held on sunday  July 8th at Bhaskar’s residence were ratified unanimously. Rajaraman gave  updates on actions decided therein.

2. Scholarship Rules and Guidelines

The Rules and guidelines  in respect of Asha Scholarship Scheme as framed by Focus Group were discussed and unanimously approved. It was noted that the exception to the guidelines  should be approved by the Focus Group in its meeting and similarly exceptions to adhering to rules could be made only with the approval in the monthly meeting of Asha Chennai

3. Loan to Asha Teacher Sumitra

It was decided to approve a loan to Sumithra,  Asha Teacher for doing up her house to make it liveable which would save her the rent and help her to live in her own place. Interest free Loan amount Rs 50,000 to be repaid in 2 years with guarantors being Rajarman and Venkat was approved. It  was noted that the amount was  within the annual ceiling limit of expenditure on this account . Current sanctions are about Rs 4 Lakhs while the limit is rs 7 Lakhs.

4. ARC Polls

Rajaram and Bhaskar explained to the team about the current ARC poll regarding utilisation of general funds. The voting will come up only by November. Volunteers were also explained about the Wiki and how they can participate in the discussions.

5. Progress Report (Quarterly)

Venkataraman came forward to compile a Quarterly progress report for Asha Chennai as a whole if project stewards could  forward to him by email a concise report on the physical progress of their projects say within 250 words.It was decided to put in practice.

6. Laptops to Poorna Vidhya

Kasturi Easwaran, steward for Poorna Vidhya ,  was congratulated for coordinating the receipt of donation of 15 Laptops from Innerwheel club for 4 schools supported by her project.

7. Talks with Trimble Inc

Rajaraman gave an update of his talks with Trimble US which has  a local Indian company in Tidel Park with 700 employees. The US based international company specialises in Hardware and Software solutions for GPS based .applications. The prospect of securing CSR funds looked bright and if it fructified Rajaraman felt that Asha Chennai might have to  go in for garnering substantial additional resources in terms of volunteers and the field functionaries. Further development would be watched keenly.

8. Proposal to work with CDDP Villages of Asha Silicon Valley

Rajaraman explained that Asha Silicon Valley was funding CDDP and NGO to run NFE centres in 7 villages. Their area of operation is in Tiruvallur adjacent to areas where Asha Chennai operates. Silicon Valley is contemplating stopping this project and instead with through Asha Chennai to support the govt schools in these villages. CDDP was running evening classes for Dalits in these villages.In due course if and when the proposal firms up Asha Chennai might have to take a decision. Asha Chennai it must be noted is not into NFEs.

9. Suggestions Invited for a $200,000 Award

Proposals have been invited from all Asha Chapters for an award of $200,000 by AfE USA for submitting Innovative and Scalable projects in Education. Last date for submission is 15/10/2018 and volunteers were requested to send in their suggestions.

10. Library at Kattu Sithamanur by Asha Boston

It was noted with gratification that Asha Boston has come forward to help setting up a library at Kattu Sithamur as part of Thulasi project.

11. Long Service Awards for Asha Teachers

A proposal to award Asha Teachers in recognition of their loyalty and meritorious service rendered was considered. It was decided to grant cash gifts of Rs 2500, Rs 5000 Rs 7500 on completion of 5, 10 and 15 years of service respectively in addition to a suitable memento/insignia  inscribing the relevant milestone. It was also decided to award these during the ceremonious inauguration/valediction of Right Start in May every year.

12. Calling for Additional Volunteer workforce.

Rajaraman exhorted those present to bring in more volunteers and publicise the activities of Asha Chennai in the field of education in rural areas working with Irulas, dalits etc. He distributed pamphlets and Visiting Cards for that purpose. Rajaraman also said that he would prepare a background paper outlining the areas where reinforcements were required to handle the present workload and future projected activities.

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