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  • Meeting Minutes for Asha Chennai on 26th June 2016



  •  Ms.Kasthuri, Ms. Saraswathi, Mr.Ananth, Mr Sundaram, Ms. Vijaya Sundaram, Ms. Paripooranam and Mr. Rajaram.
  •  Meeting held at Rajaram’s Residence.


  • *Decisions and action items are in blue.


1. Malliga’s Salary

Malliga has been working for a monthly salary of Rs 8500 inclusive of travel and telephone expenses. She was supposed to work 50% of time for this amount. But in recent times she has been working 75% time. In consideration of this Rajaram proposed that her salary be increased to Rs 12,000 per month. Everyone approved increasing Malliga’s salary to Rs 12,000 per month unanimously.

Malliga will continue to work primarily for Administrative work and Scholarship. She will assist with other projects as required. Saraswathi requested that she assist her with salary distribution. That was agreed to be part of Malliga’s responsibilities.

2. Asha Chennai Financials

Rajaram went over the financials from 2015-16. At the end of March we have a balance of about Rs 1.09 Crores. Our expenditure for 2016-17 is expected to be around Rs 1.2 Crores. Therefore we need to raise money and also plan our financials better for the next year. We will start the discussions over email and bring this up in the next meeting.

3. Financials related updates.

Rajaram explained how we got and lost the funding from Oracle. We will initiate the effort to setup another registration for Asha in India. Ananth and Rajaram will push forward the effort.

Rajaram explained the recent decisions in ARC and how that impacts Asha Chennai.

The fund raising options through the US IS contact, FICCI etc. were also brought up.

4. Project Thulasi proposal review and approval

Paripooranam presented project Thulasi. This is a combination of the Sangamam Senji and NFTC Seeyapoondi projects. The proposal this year is in the same lines as the last year except for the addition of a library at Seeyapoondi. The proposal was approved unanimously with the following modifications:

      • Librarian’s salary to be Rs 2000 per month.

      • Almirah cost changed to Rs 6000.

      • Add two open shelves at Rs 3000 per shelf for the library.

      • Rs 5000 allocated for craft week at Seeyapoondi.

Updated proposal must be sent for the approval to take effect.

5. Poorna Vidhya proposal review and approval.

Mrs. Kasturi Easwaran presented the Poorna Vidhya proposal. As presented the proposal did not have any major changes from the last year. However the number of children at Odaikuppam has reduced further and there were questions about whether a computer teacher is warranted for that school. Another school at NSG Garden St. has also requested for a computer teacher. The proposal was unanimously approved with the provision that the computer teacher will be shared between Odaikuppam and the NSG Garden schools without increasing the materials and other budget.

Updated proposal must be sent for the approval to take effect.

6. Project Deepam proposal review and approval.

Mrs. Vijaya Sundaram presented the proposal for Project Deepam. The first year of the project included several one time expenses like the purchase of computers and projector. These are a lot lesser this year. The other changes pertain to the educational contents. We had purchased HCL Digischool last year but are not planning to do that this year.

The proposal was approved unanimously with the following modifications:

      • Allocation for the laptop to be Rs 30000.

      • Allocation for the Internet plan for the teacher to be Rs 10,000.

      • Computer teacher salary to be Rs 17,000 per month and annual bonus to be Rs 3000.

Updated proposal must be sent for the approval to take effect.

7. SAC Updates

Mrs. Vijaya Sundaram updated the team about the SAC project. About 85 new applications have been received. The third disbursal is mostly complete. Report writing to the donors has started.

8. Sangamam Kanini and Teacher Assessment Updates

Rajaram updated the team about the start of the Sangamam Kanini Phase II. Computer teachers have started going to 23 schools in the Poondi block that we are not supporting in our Projects. We are making efforts to meet with the collector and education officials at Thiruvallur.

Teacher assessments were conducted on June 18th. The Maths paper ended up being a little tougher than the last 2 years. In spite of that the teachers have done reasonably well. More than 10 teachers have got in the 40+ range. This is a very good progress from the last years.


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