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  • Meeting Minutes for Asha Chennai on 17th November, 2019


Attendees​ : Ramakrishnan, Bhaskar, Venkat, Venkatraman, Rajaram, Sundaram, Kasturi,


1. Minutes of the meeting held on September 29, 2019 were ratified.

2. ​ Oral Assessments

Oral Assessments already started in 68 Thiruvallur schools. Schools under Pearl project will

commence soon. Schools under Poornavidya will commence from Monday 18th Nov 2019

and Schools under Thulasi will commence from Tuesday 19th Nov 2019. All the Oral

assessments are expected to be completed before end of November 2019.

3. ​ Loans applications from teachers :

Shakila has requested for Rs 50,000.00 ( Rupees Fifty thousand only). Both stewards

Rajaraman and Venkat recommended the same. It has been ​ unanimously approved.

Repayment is 20 months as it is a Marriage loan.

For the purpose of marriage if a loan is given, the minimum no of years of service with

ASHA should be 3 and above.

4. ​ Medical Expenses and Bonus

Philomena had to take a significant number of days as leave because of illness. As it is within

the norms the project steward can sanction medical leave payment at half the basic salary.

Deepavali bonus for Prakash has been rejected as he was not employed on Oct 1st.

5. ​ Loss of items in the office

The Meeting also discussed about the loss of a donated Laptop and a set of books from the

office premises in Mylapore and also a box of materials at the Thiruvallur office. Steps have

been initiated to tighten the process of inflow and outflow of any asset and so this may be

taken care in future. Rajaram, Venkat and Bhaskar said they will replace these lost items at

their cost.

It was agreed by all present to try and minimize the total imprest cash balance and keep it

under Rs 2.5 lacs for all imprest users together at all times.

Ramakrishnan offered to help with overseeing the Accounting and imprest books recordings

of inflow and outflow. Other volunteers were also requested to step in to help with thetreasury and accounting functions.

6. For Pearl project :

There was a request for new office space for Pearl. But the steward himself felt that can be

delayed till the next academic year. It was decided that no separate Office space is needed

at present.

There were several requirements for Pearl including,

                                        1) Fan needed for Balwadi at Panikkarkulam.

2) Notebooks and other stationery materials for the schools at Kumaragiri and Athikinaru.

3) English and Maths kits for the schools.

Given all these requirements, Bhaskar requested that the 85% ceiling for all projects be lifted

for Pearl. ​ It was unanimously agreed to allow Pearl project to go up to 100% of its

budget and if required we will bring this additional 15% from our US buffers as well.

7. Fundraising

Ford – Ramakrishnan has got confirmation that FORD will provide us 100 CPUs and that will

take time to be handed over. This will include computers for Rajatalab schools also in addition

to the schools in Pearl, Tulasi, Poorna Vidya and Sangamam projects.

There were other funding updates from Rajaram. Asha Frankfurt has funded RightStart 2019.

Austin has released the funds for the Rajatalab project.

With that we brought the meeting to a close.

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